Saturday, November 2, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 11/2/13!

"check yourself, before you wreck yourself"
1. Slang. Used as a warning for someone to consider their actions and/or words carefully & correct any mistakes or misgivings before they end up regretting said actions and/or words.

EX. Sometimes, I need check myself, before I wreck myself. Then I eat a Snickers.

Friday, November 1, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 11/1/13!

goosebumps [goos-bumps]
1. Rough condition of the skin, resembling that of a plucked goose, induced by cold or fear; horripilation.

EX. HEY! I hope dat got your attenshun. Today's word of the day is L. R. Stein, um, wait, I mean R. L. Stine...well no, actually, it's about the TV series based on his popular children's book horror series and, technically, it about Jontron doing some vidjas pointing out the ineptitude of a couple of particularly bad episodes of Goosebumps.

I know I had goosebumps when I saw his name in my youtube subscription feed!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 10/31/13!

craven [crehy-ven]
1. A coward.
2. Cowardly; contemptibly timid; pusillanimous.
3. To act cowardly.

EX. Poor Luigi is always depicting as being the craven brother of the Super Mario Bros-- always the first to run and panic at the first sign of danger while Mario faces most challenges head on-- and really he does deserve a little better.

Here are some of the honorable mentions for this year's Halloween:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The meta for competitive Pokémon battling is pretty scary right now; a lot of new Pokémon mean a lot of changes with the addition of a new type, changes to old types--Steel type losing some resistances and other types gaining immunities to some effects--, tons of new moves & abilities, and the fact that, with EV/IV training be made more approachable to a lot of players, casuals, newbies, and returning vets, make the competitive scene something of a nightmare scape with Fairy Pokémon feeding on the destroyed carcasses of the Dragon types that once ruled the meta.

If you like this, make sure to check out more Evfx Online.

Boogie2988 can be scary sometimes, especially when portraying a particularly violent or intense rant as his most popular creation and parody of frustrated nerds everywhere, Francis. In fact, Boogie once got so pent-up and out-of-breath during a Playstation 4 related rant that he actually had an on film asthma attack.

If you've never experienced one, an asthma attack can make a victim feel like they're being suffocated, drowned on land, or being smothered alive.

JINKIES! If TV Maxwell's Cold Pizza short was an indication, they're uber capable of creating a video that is uncomfortable and funny or, at best, even disturbingly hilarious. But, if Cold Pizza was the former of their capabilities I described then Redlight is a beautifully funny homage to the works of Alfred Hitchcock and/or the suspenseful stories spun on The Twilight Zone.

Seriously, this is the creme dela creme of a huge crop of videos I collected for this week and, while like any video it is not gonna strike everyone's fancy, I hope that, if you like it or think someone else will enjoy it, that you'll share this little gem.

This silly little Halloween video starring the Pete Gilroy & The Bath Boys is a perfectly little treat to put as a pallet cleanser after Redlight.

Not as much to say here, but I'll use it as a place to talk about my Halloween. I will be learning to take on the banal costume of a cashier, specifically, a back-up cashier. No costume this year. Maybe next year. We'll see.

I'm as surprised as some of you are that less than half of this week's videos have been animated, but I was specifically looking for the more disturbing Halloween-themed tricks & treats to leave out in a candy bowl for you kiddies to take as much as you please.

So, we'll end with a morbid little mouthful from Twisted Grim TV and I'll bid you all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

WORD OF THE DAY! 10/30/13!

server [sur-ver]
1. A person who serves.
2. Something that serves or is used in serving, as a salver.
3. A broad fork, spoon, or spatula for dishing out and serving individual portions of food, as vegetables, cake, or pie.
4. Ecclesiastical. an attendant on the priest at Mass, who arranges the altar, makes the responses, etc.
5. (in tennis, badminton, handball, etc.) The player who puts the ball or shuttlecock in play.
6. A computer that makes services, as access to data files, programs, and peripheral devices, available to workstations on a network

EX. I miss my old Minecraft server. Insert clever joke. Sit Ubu sit, good boy.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013



7. WORD OF THE DAY! 10/27/13! POKÉBLOG X #3! Colleague.

After a week off, I kicked back into gear and produced some really swell articles about my experiences in Pokémon X!

6. WORD OF THE DAY! 10/26/13! Adulterate.

Resulting in two articles of me contemplating the physical, mental, and spiritual costs of running this blog. I AM THE ONE WHO BLOGS! I'm the one who blogs.


Fun Fact #666: The life of Jake Lloyd, the actor who portrayed the young Anakin in the Phantom Menace, was ruined by the film that ruined Star Wars.

4. WORD OF THE DAY! 10/25/13! Substitute.

Accept no substitutes. Like, comment, subscribe, and share my blog today. I promise we don't use imitation blog flesh in our original recipe!


But seriously, I love my blog, I love my friends, and I love my Pokémon games. Expect things to go according to plan.

2. WORD OF THE DAY! 10/23/13! POKÉBLOG X #2! EXP share.

Perhaps the most controversial mechanic in the game, that's completely optional, I really feel like EXP Share has pushed me to use a lot more Pokémon in my journey.

1. WORD OF THE DAY! 10/21/13! POKÉBLOG X #1! Kalos starters.

 A little update: I actually ended up naming my Chesnaught "Rammus" (my favorite jungle in LoL), my Gardvoir is named Merlin, my Talonflame is named after Dumbledore's pet phoenix, Fawkes, & my Aurorus is named after Littlefoot from Land Before Time! Still need to rename Honedge "Conan".

WORD OF THE DAY! 10/29/13!

1.  An exploitable cartoon used to make a hyperbolic statement about performing an object.

EX. This game has everything. Therefore, it would leave us nothing. No lives left to live. No things left to thing. And yet, with each new game release, some over-the-top and selfish gamers will...

Monday, October 28, 2013



Okay, so, I'm not the sort of person who listens to a lot of music on the radio, their iPod/phone, or on a music streaming service; my experience with music mostly vicariously through friends, family, and whether or not they manage to go viral or become popular enough to parody. It takes me a little longer to catch up on most songs unless they just explode all over the internet's face like Psy's Gangnam Style. And so, I've finally decided to share a few of my favorite videos inspired by Daft Punk's Get Lucky.

The last song I liked this much was Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know".

First up, we've got something a little experimental and odd, but technically impressive and a lot of fun from Matt Mulholland. He's showed up a couple times on the blog, but made his last impressive showing during the highly successful Batman Week from last year. The video above shows the sort of process that can go into a remix with a clever twists and a lot of prowess.

There are many 8-BIT remixers on youtube, but I'm particularly pleased with Rakohus's work that managed to capture every glorious beat and condense into something I might expect to hear in a Mega Man game... scored by Michael Jackson!

On a side note, I decided to not post any Michael Jackson/Get Lucky mash-up parodies because there were too many to pick out the best one. Just google it.

I've actually shared this video before but I feel a little bad about not featuring it in a Music Monday article considering how often I listen to this sweet parody, couched nicely in my gaming playlist, while laning in League of Legends. Videogamedunkey is one of my favorite youtubers, probably my favorite new subscription in 2013, and I can't wait to keep hearing him spout insanity into my earpiece.

And that's all folks. I hope we can all have a Happy Halloween Week!

WORD OF THE DAY! 10/28/13!

picaresque [pik-uh-resk]
1. Of or pertaining to the characteristics of a form or subgenre of prose fiction, originally developed in 16th Century Spain and flourishing throughout Europe, depicting, sometimes in satire and sometimes in a realistic fashion, in humorous detail the adventures of a roguish hero taking part in a series of episodes depicting the often over the top parody of the every day life of the common people.
2. Or of pertaining to rogues.

EX.  Wes Anderson is one of my favorite filmmakers; his uniquely quaint but fanciful, subtle but over-the-top, and blunt but whimsical works are masterfully crafted by the use of sets and costumes constructed out of picture books and old photographs into a mural of styles that somehow seem timeless and simultaneously tied to various times and places of the 20th Century. His cinematography, with sweeping single shot cuts of the scenery and characters to well-narrated vignettes meant to quickly and humorously characterize a moment or feeling, cast always brilliantly with quirky and loveable actors, creates a picaresque ride for the audience that leaves them with a sense of joy in the hero's muffled triumph and a sense of ennui that one's life is often separated from the romantic adventures that Anderson's heroes embark upon.

It's not for everyone, but I love his films like I love a yellow-papered hardback given to me by an elderly professor that bonded with me over a discussion on Early Modern European spy networks and the inner life of Thomas More's contemporaries. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013


colleague [kol-eeg]
1. A fellow worker, associate, or member of a staff, department, profession, etc.

EX. Alright, so we've talked a little about my core team of Pokémon and my thoughts on EXP share, now let's talk about the entourage of colleagues, made up of friends, rivals, and hanger-ons, that you meet in X & Y.

Your friends actually give you and your next-door neighbor rival (if you chose the male protagonist, Serena & if you chose the female protagonist, Callum) your starters. Your rival is an extremely ambitious but friendly person with the same ambition as your main character to be a Pokémon Master & the Champion of the Kalos region. Now, let's look at the losers from Vaniville...

Shauna is the bubbliest of your friends in pretty much any Pokémon game and, like you, is looking for a dream to call her own. So far, I haven't discovered much more about her, other than that she really does genuinely find every new experience to be special. On an unrelated note, her hair has some Pokémon-like qualities... That's odd.

Trevor's goal is to catch and catalog of Kalos's Pokémon for Professor Sycamore's research. He is the typical studious nerd of the group that is really serious and focused, but apt to have little anxiety attacks from his lack of social skills. Also, IS HIS HAIR A POKÉMON OR A HELMET!?

And here is Tierno and-- OH C'MON! HIS HAIR IS SO A POKÉMON?! AMIRITE!?-- back to the usual program... Tierno's goal in life is to create the world's greatest team of dancing Pokémon. He is a terrible trainer because he is easily distracted by movement. Also, he has one of the least popular Pokémon of all time on his shirt. As much as I like fat guy characters, since fatties are underrepresented in video games and anime, Tierno is, undoubtedly, kind of a loser.

Soon, we'll talk about some of the adult friends you meet in Kalos who're all, almost inarguably, more interesting and cool than your friends starting out on their journeys. At least, your friends are not the biggest losers in Kalos...