Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I think the monkey disapproves of this article. I suppose I would feel some shame at being judged by a primate, animated by Glasscake vocally performed by videogamedunkey, that probably threw it's own fecal material at the screen while watching Miley Cyrus perform at the VMAs. I mean c'mon! What sort of savage would actually tune into the VMAs in the year 2013?!

The lesson of the story is that sometimes it takes a different brand of soap to fix your love life instead of taking a deep look at the reasons your relationship has become a shadow of what it once was, if ever truly was, and what it could grow to be. Fart.

I also like to imagine that the video I posted above is pretty much what every pair of best friends hanging out looks and sounds like to complete strangers.

 This has a little more plot. Starring the two maddest men in animation since John K. and Walt Disney, TV Maxwell brings together OneyNG & Stamper for a short horror story that is a little early for Halloween but certainly never under-appreciated for it's compact satire.

This might be the most offensive thing I've ever posted. It's in poor taste, it's shock humor, and it's a reference to one of the shows that, in my opinion as a 90s kid, signaled the end of a decade of quality on the Disney channel. I suppose I'd apologize for this but, honestly, I haven't apologized for posting any number of sexually explicit, violent, or just plain f***ed material in the past.

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