Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The meta for competitive Pokémon battling is pretty scary right now; a lot of new Pokémon mean a lot of changes with the addition of a new type, changes to old types--Steel type losing some resistances and other types gaining immunities to some effects--, tons of new moves & abilities, and the fact that, with EV/IV training be made more approachable to a lot of players, casuals, newbies, and returning vets, make the competitive scene something of a nightmare scape with Fairy Pokémon feeding on the destroyed carcasses of the Dragon types that once ruled the meta.

If you like this, make sure to check out more Evfx Online.

Boogie2988 can be scary sometimes, especially when portraying a particularly violent or intense rant as his most popular creation and parody of frustrated nerds everywhere, Francis. In fact, Boogie once got so pent-up and out-of-breath during a Playstation 4 related rant that he actually had an on film asthma attack.

If you've never experienced one, an asthma attack can make a victim feel like they're being suffocated, drowned on land, or being smothered alive.

JINKIES! If TV Maxwell's Cold Pizza short was an indication, they're uber capable of creating a video that is uncomfortable and funny or, at best, even disturbingly hilarious. But, if Cold Pizza was the former of their capabilities I described then Redlight is a beautifully funny homage to the works of Alfred Hitchcock and/or the suspenseful stories spun on The Twilight Zone.

Seriously, this is the creme dela creme of a huge crop of videos I collected for this week and, while like any video it is not gonna strike everyone's fancy, I hope that, if you like it or think someone else will enjoy it, that you'll share this little gem.

This silly little Halloween video starring the Pete Gilroy & The Bath Boys is a perfectly little treat to put as a pallet cleanser after Redlight.

Not as much to say here, but I'll use it as a place to talk about my Halloween. I will be learning to take on the banal costume of a cashier, specifically, a back-up cashier. No costume this year. Maybe next year. We'll see.

I'm as surprised as some of you are that less than half of this week's videos have been animated, but I was specifically looking for the more disturbing Halloween-themed tricks & treats to leave out in a candy bowl for you kiddies to take as much as you please.

So, we'll end with a morbid little mouthful from Twisted Grim TV and I'll bid you all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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