Saturday, July 20, 2013


Today, we're talking about the Alpha and the Omega, the big A, the Holy Pokéfather, the Ubermon of the Ubertier, and the creator of the Pokémon world, Arceus. I've discussed his work before in the BOOK OF POKÉMON and today we're gonna talk about some of the nifty elements of this legendary's design.


WORD OF THE DAY! 7/20/13!

clicker [klik-er]
1. Someone or something that clicks.
2. A remote control.

EX. Have you ever heard an older fellow call a remote the clicker? Well, even if you haven't, you recognize the clicks of the keyboard and mouse.

Friday, July 19, 2013



Valve's Steam is an incredibly popular content download service that provides incredible and convenient ways for gamers to access a digital library of PC games. This week has seen another Steam Summer Sale, a week of incredible discounts, come and soon it will all be over. There are three reactions to the results of the annual assault on the wallets of PC Gamers everywhere:

There are the Evangelistic Response to the steam sale where every gamer hopes for the big discount on some game they put on their wishlist and have been praying to see a big price drop. I must admit that when you get your first good game for like under $5 you feel like you're seeing a much cheaper and friendly software future thanks to Lord Gabe Newell.

Then there is the Panic Response to the coming assault. Will your willpower hold out to the giant deals? Will you be able to survive after the discount disembowelment? Or will you find yourself demolished by the onslaught? Nothing is worse than paying too much for a game that go on sale again for far cheaper in the near future or buying too many games you'll never play.

Arguably the worst response is that of the Addict; a gamer's eyes light up at the potentially thousands of incredible discounts and, like a goldfish finding more and more food dumped into your bowl, you can't stop. Before you know it, those little purchases here and there will add up to a games library worth hundreds or, in some rare cases, thousands. Yes... it really happens!

There is even a website called Steam Calculator that can evaluate the worth of your library. At the moment its down but, if you think you spend too much, value your library sometime soon.

Until next time, happy deal hunting.

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/19/13!

walking on the razor's edge
1. A term used to describe someone or somebody in a dangerous or precarious situation.

EX. When I get on League of Legends, I know I'm walking on the razor's edge to get some fun because, after a few bad games, few things will do more to put yourself or your friends in a poor mood. Sometimes it helps to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes it helps to listen to some Dunkey and get lucky.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Before I do my usual analysis and first thoughts on the designs/abilities of the new Pokémon spoiled for the sixth generation of Pokémon games, let's look at some gameplay updates and new characters:

The identity of our new Pokémon Professor was revealed with the introduction of Prof. Sycamore of the Kalos region. He gives you and your friends Pokémon to start you on your journey and it is implied you will battle him at some point/s in the game. I think he looks like a pretty cool dude, but I might've liked to see somebody a little more interesting. Shrug.

The first of two new Gym Leaders announced is this device wearing fellow, Clement. I really like his design and I think he'll either specialize in Electric or Steel Pokémon.

Then we got, presumably, a Fighting or Rock gym leader named Grant who seemed to be into HM 08, if you know what I mean.

Next up, for our criminal/terrorist team, we're going to be battling the insidious Team Flare and their crazy hair. It seems that, as far as we know, these stylish villains are in it for the #swag, #yolo, etc.

Lastly, we received more info on the legendary Pokémon; Xerneas is Fairy type and Yveltal is Dary/Flying. We also discovered that Clauncher and Swirlex will be exclusive to Pokémon X and Skrelp and Spritzee are exclusive to Y version.

And now that I think I've got that sorta news out of the way, let's move onto the seven or so Pokémon revealed...I've got opinions.

Pangoro evolves from Pancham and is frickin' cool. He is a Dark/Fighting Pokémon that resembles a Japanese highschool street tough. I can't wait to see if he has a third stage-- let's hope it comes with a badass pompadour.

Honedge received a lot of buzz when he was spoiled and for good reason; he is another inanimate object (but based on myths of spirit-posses swords), he has a cool design, and an awesome typing-- Steel/Ghost. The main reason I think he has gotten so much attention in fanart is the ability to use him as a prop!

Inkay & Malamar are pretty awesome. They're Dark/Psychic type squid Pokémon and will I think they're some of the most interesting designs yet. Inkay is a cute little Pokémon with it's little beak and big eyes, but its evolution Malamar is just perfectly sinister.

I talked about Swirlex the other day, but Spritzee is another Fairy Pokémon, presumably with Flying type too, and is the Perfume Pokémon. I bet ya this cute pink parrot will have a fragrant evolution worthy of it's French setting.

Oorotto is a Pokémon that makes an appearance in the short/opening of the newest Pokémon film to hit Japan. As photography was forbidden at the screening, the appearance and details we have are based on second-hand description and sketches.

And that's all folks!

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/18/13!

tumor [too-mohr]
1. A swollen part; swelling; protuberance.
2. An uncontrolled, abnormal, circumscribed growth of cells in any animal or plant tissue; neoplasm.
3. Archaic.  
a. Inflated pride; haughtiness.
b. Pompous language; bombast. 

EX.  I always find it amusing in science fiction how radiation, specifically atomic radiation, makes animals grow big. For example, on the River Monsters (Animal Planet) episode, Atomic Assassin, Jeremy Wade traveled to Pripyat, Ukraine, the source of the Chernobyl meltdown, and sought out some giant catfish. The tension of the episode was ruined for myself and my Dad (who speaks Russian and knew that "sohm", which was what the natives called the fish, translates to catfish) because we both understood, since he has professional experience with weapons inspection and nuclear power, that Jeremy Wade wouldn't be finding any giant catfish.
In fact, the fish, due to illness related to the environment, were smaller and sicker than the average catfish of their age.
P.S. In unrelated news... 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A VERY LATE "WEEKLY ROUND-UP!" 6/24-7/14/13!


7. WORD OF THE DAY! 6/27/13! Stats.

Pokémon big? No, no, no! Pokémon small? Yeah, yeah, yeah!


I really think this was a solid article and I wish this week's wrap-up was as strong as this article that I published. As for whether I'm getting a PS4 or Xbox One...I just dunno yet.

5. WORD OF THE DAY! 6/25/13! Mayor.

Bioshock Infinite is still my Game of the Year but it seems people have been going bananas over the newest Animal Crossing installment on the 3DS. Now if only Nintendo could put out some killer IPs for the Wii-U...


Science and video games? I can dig it.
3. WORD OF THE DAY! 7/13/13! Random Encounter.

Any ever found a shiny Pokémon in a random encounter? I've never seen one, as far as I know, but I would like to see/catch one some day. I probably won't go to the effort that some people do to obtain one, though.


I have to admit that with .gifs like this, while video game Bellsprout is pretty lame, animated Bellsprout is pretty awesome.


I am getting used to having Dan on Game Grumps, but is definitely nothing like Grumps with Jontron.

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/16/13!

fairy floss [fehr-ee-flaws]/ cotton candy [kaw-tuhn-kan-dee]
1. A fluffy confection of sugar spun around a stick, usually associated with carnivals or fairs.

EX. There is a new Fairy type Pokémon coming in Pokémon X & Y that is based on one of my favorite confections, fairy floss. The new Pokémon is called Swirlex, the cotton candy Pokémon, and has a sugary and sticky body from eating nothing but sweets and candy. I hope the associated Swirlex with fair culture or the carnival or-- OOH!-- since we are in France, the circus.

Now, as I'm sure many fans are already complaining about the fact that this is the dumbest Pokémon since Vanillite and its ice-cream themed evolutions, I gotta put you in your place;Vanillite wasn't the lamest Pokémon of all time and I like Swirlex. The biggest problem people seem to have with these monsters is the argument that Pokémon shouldn't be based on inanimate objects and that old Pokémon are better.

Tell ya what, name off five of your favorite Gen 1 Pokémon and we'll discuss whether or not they're original in the comment section below or on Facebook. Here's an example of some critiques: Goldeen is a gold fish with a horn on it's head and Dewgong is a white seal with a horn on it's head. Super creative...

P.S. Ya better watch out Dragonite. The Faeries are coming.

Monday, July 15, 2013



To check out my other decks, hit the link below:

This article serves two purposes: To share the nerd entertainment around with anyone who might find it interesting and, in this case, to share my experiences with Modern Masters.

You can find Magic Cards in super stores (Ex. Walmart, Target) but the best place you can buy your cards, meet other players, and play in events is at your local comic book store or hobby shop. I buy most of my cards at The Comic Cellar. Here is a link to its Google Maps location at 3620 Austin Peay Highway #2 Memphis, TN 38128.

And here is a link to Comic Cellar's Website

Modern Masters is not your normal MTG set. It is a stand-alone set of some of the best cards of all time to be used in the format called Modern. I know that at least some of my readers don't know about Modern, so lemme explain what that entails; basically, Modern Masters is a format that allows all black border cards printed (except for a few special exclusions). Other than that, it plays the same as Standard. As Modern Masters deal in premium cards, the packs come with a premium price and a premium opportunity. I paid $25 to play in a draft of the set (drafts of Standard sets usually cost about half of that).

In the draft, we had a pod of eight players. In order to draft, each player received three packs. You take a card from the pack and pass it to the right/left with each players taking turns taking a card from each pack until there are no more cards. Rinse and repeat twice. Everybody ends up with 45 cards and uses those materials to create a 40 card or greater deck with available lands. The draft is best of three against three opponents. Based on your outcome, you are placed higher in the standing and the winner gets a prize.

I decided to take a shot at this format and do my very first draft. Modern Masters is pretty intimidating to newer players but, despite lackluster results, I enjoyed the experience and would love to draft again. After all, worst case scenario? You get some cool cards and play some of the best card game I've ever played.

Now, let's talk about my Modern Masters limited draft deck...

I opened my first pack to find a foil Kiki-Jiki staring up at me. After that moment, my goal, perhaps somewhat foolishly, became to collect big creatures in red and green. I think I wasn't totally sure cuz I grabbed a few blue and black, while I was at it, snagging a Cryptic Command (traded that in for $15 credit) and eventually wound up with a black, green, and red deck (splashing black for a big creatures) with the hopes of pounding my opponents in the dirt.

This was wrong. Instead of getting what I wanted, I got poked to death by little white weenies in the first and third round (my second round was a pass cuz my opponent was unavailable). I still think I learned a bit about the drafting and hope I can do it again. Below is the content of my deck...

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/15/13!

solar flare [sohl-er-flehr]
1.A brief powerful eruption of particles and intense electromagnetic radiation from the sun's surface, associated with sunspots and causing disturbances to radio communication on earth.

EX. League of Legends Leona, "don't stare directly at [her] for too long" or you might get burnt by her solar flare.

This designed skin would be awesome:

Sunday, July 14, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/14/13!

meta cosplay [meh-tah-kaws-plehy]
1. The act of a fictional character/s dressing up as another/other fictional character/s.

EX. When I see stuff like the .gif above of Ash in meta cosplay of the champ of Unova, Alder and Pikachu dressed up like a Bouffalant, I really want to start casually watching the Pokémon anime to unwind.