Sunday, October 27, 2013


colleague [kol-eeg]
1. A fellow worker, associate, or member of a staff, department, profession, etc.

EX. Alright, so we've talked a little about my core team of Pokémon and my thoughts on EXP share, now let's talk about the entourage of colleagues, made up of friends, rivals, and hanger-ons, that you meet in X & Y.

Your friends actually give you and your next-door neighbor rival (if you chose the male protagonist, Serena & if you chose the female protagonist, Callum) your starters. Your rival is an extremely ambitious but friendly person with the same ambition as your main character to be a Pokémon Master & the Champion of the Kalos region. Now, let's look at the losers from Vaniville...

Shauna is the bubbliest of your friends in pretty much any Pokémon game and, like you, is looking for a dream to call her own. So far, I haven't discovered much more about her, other than that she really does genuinely find every new experience to be special. On an unrelated note, her hair has some Pokémon-like qualities... That's odd.

Trevor's goal is to catch and catalog of Kalos's Pokémon for Professor Sycamore's research. He is the typical studious nerd of the group that is really serious and focused, but apt to have little anxiety attacks from his lack of social skills. Also, IS HIS HAIR A POKÉMON OR A HELMET!?

And here is Tierno and-- OH C'MON! HIS HAIR IS SO A POKÉMON?! AMIRITE!?-- back to the usual program... Tierno's goal in life is to create the world's greatest team of dancing Pokémon. He is a terrible trainer because he is easily distracted by movement. Also, he has one of the least popular Pokémon of all time on his shirt. As much as I like fat guy characters, since fatties are underrepresented in video games and anime, Tierno is, undoubtedly, kind of a loser.

Soon, we'll talk about some of the adult friends you meet in Kalos who're all, almost inarguably, more interesting and cool than your friends starting out on their journeys. At least, your friends are not the biggest losers in Kalos...

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