Thursday, August 7, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/7/14!

hamartia [hah-mahr-tee-uh]
1. The tragic flaw that inevitably leads to the downfall of a person or enterprise.

EX. The hamartia of the RMS Titanic, in a cosmic sense, was to declare the ship "unsinkable". In Greek tragedy, such hubris tempts the gods to intervene in order to teach the mortals a lesson in humility. And yet, in a tragedy of such titanic proportion, the causes of the outcome are not as simple as the tempestuous whims of some envious deity; the ship wasn't constructed well enough, the crew did not see the iceberg until it was too late, the passengers were packed away improperly and there were too many souls on boards and too few lifeboats, and so on and so forth, until all of the variables added up to a formula for disaster. It is unlikely that we will ever know why such a foul fate befell the ship on its maiden voyage, but we can learn from the mistakes identified.

And then there are the various craptastic unofficial software made to ride the coat tails of James Cameron's mega-successful Titanic film; their tragedy is that somebody thought they could make a fun game based on a romantic disaster film based on a real-life tragedy. I dunno if the gods came together to punish those game designers, but it is a comforting thought to imagine their wrath coming down upon their heads.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


A mash-up made in heaven? That seems to be the right way to get you fools, I mean guests, comfortable enough to continue reading, clicking, and consuming the media that I've gathered for this buffet of sensory delights that I call WTF Wednesday.

Zoidberg is probably my favorite Futurama character. Deal with it, America.

You can repay me in desk toys. I am addicted to them. I have a problem. I want to buy more but I've already ordered four in the last month. What is wrong with me? Does it have something to do with the weird dreams I keep having about an abandoned oil rig, a brightly lit operating room, and a French pop song? Why do the banana fields burn, Papa? Why do they come to me to die? Deal with it, America.

I dunno why I keep referring to "you" the "collective audience" and "individual fan" as "America" but it is oddly satisfying.

Yes, it is going to be one of "those" WTF Wednesdays where I barely explain anything because I probably don't have much to talk about.

Well, "ha...HA!" I say with an authoritative flourish! You think you know my plans, but you are mislead by your own misdirection. Speaking of "Misdirection", that would be a good name for an all-female evil counter part to "One Direction". I do not know what One Direction is, but I know it has something to do with yogurt.

For more cartoons like this awesome Game Grumps toon up above, check out Andiemations channel!

Lastly, let's remember that, in a world on the precipice of annihilation at the hands of hyperbole, one man stood up to Justin Beiber and popped him one.

Thank you, Mr. Bloom.



"Arigatou gozaimashita! Mata okoshi kudaisamase!

Doge desu."

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/5/14!

whodunnit [hoo-dun-it]
1. A narrative dealing with a murder or a series of murders and the detection of the criminal; detective story.

EX. A whodunnit show in the style of Scooby Doo, Where Are You? (or the other hundred Hanna Barbera shows of the same premise) starring Mike Tyson, Norm MacDonald, and the dean from NBC's Community made by Adult Swim? Goddamnit! The big bang, the expansion of space and time, billions of years of chaotic formation of celestial bodies and thousands of generations of evolution, the centuries of war and suffering, the renaissance and modernity, and everything have led up to a formerly undisputed heavy weight champion of the world getting his own mystery-solving gang--with a talking pigeon, a ghost, and his adopted daughter-- and driving around this fine country solving mysteries.

Truly this is the age of miracles... or some crap.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Let's start with a pretty damn metal video from AhryBES animation starring the dumbest version of Batman since Frank Miller's "Crazy Steve" from All-Star Batman. Combining Dethklok's Face Fisted with the Dark Knight is a brilliant bit of pop culture crossover madness and the animation is simultaneously revolting, arousing, and hilarious.

I can't wait to see their next project and hope it has the same ambitious scale shown in this comic-tastic piece of fanart.

I dunno if I've shared this before...but who cares!

Spoony's Ultima Retrospective is one of my favorite series online-- they have a lot of really interesting observations on game design and storytelling (so much so that Lord British is Spoony's fan), they have some fantastic skits that go above the writing and production quality called for, and the build-up to the conclusion is so good!

"What's a paladin?"

This is dedicated to my friend Clay who, coincidentally, just got himself a pet hedgehog for his 20th birthday.

It is named Anguirus and it is, admittably, very cute.

Happy birthday, dork.