Friday, September 11, 2015


Today was a great day for Amiibo collecting! I thought it would be scary, I thought I would be having to shop online, and I thought I was gonna miss out on many amiibos-- I was wrong! I only had to go to Target and Toys R Us and I got all of the Wave 5B amiibos I wanted. I also picked up Mario Maker. I want the rest of the Smash Bros. amiibo, Shovel Knight and Tom Nook. Which amiibos do you want to see/collect?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

WORD OF THE DAY! 9/10/15!

turbo [terr-boh]
1. Short for "turbocharger", a method of forced induction that uses exhaust to turn a turbine which, in turn, drives an intake pump that forces more air through the engine.

EX. Why is turbo used like a descriptor or adjective for all manner of super heroes, weapons and television shows over the decades? It makes sense, I suppose, if it is related to vehicles a la Power Rangers Turbo, but I swear it was used, more often than not, to describe something that was fast or powerful.

I dunno. Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit is awesome, though. If it was a real 80's cartoon, they blew all of the budget on the intro that would play at the beginning of every episode and the rest of it would involve a lot of static shots of dialogue and action scenes reusing footage/animation alongside flashing color & light. Because cheap.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015



To check out my other decks, hit the link below:

This article serves two purposes: To share the nerd entertainment around with anyone who might find it interesting and, in this case, to share my experience with Magic the Gathering: Origins.

You can find Magic Cards in super stores (Ex. Walmart, Target) but the best place you can buy your cards, meet other players, and play in events is at your local comic book store or hobby shop. I buy most of my cards at The Comic Cellar. Here is a link to its Google Maps location at 3620 Austin Peay Highway #2 Memphis, TN 38128.

And here is a link to Comic Cellar's Website
This year marks the last core set with Magic the Gathering: Origins, a set covering the origins of 5 of the most prolific Planeswalkers, the planes that transformed them when they got their spark, and the other characters/events of their past. I'm excited for this to be the set where I'm rejoining the fold and can't wait to see what sort of deck I can build by the time Return to Zendikar hits. I have feeling it is going to involve elves!

...but anyway, let's talk about what you get and do in a draft.
In the draft, we had a pod of eight players. In order to draft, each player received three packs. You take a card from the pack and pass it to the right/left with each players taking turns taking a card from each pack until there are no more cards. Rinse and repeat twice. Everybody ends up with 45 cards and uses those materials to create a 40 card or greater deck with available lands. The draft is best of three against three opponents. Based on your outcome, you are placed higher in the standing and the winner gets a prize.

And I wanted to win! So, using my knowledge of the set and lessons from the pre-release, I set out to play a fun and competent deck. This often means turning down cards that seem like obvious picks in order to pick out cards that fit your theme. My theme?


I didn't pull any planeswalkers or money cards. I didn't force an archetype that I knew would be popular-- looking at you elves and artifacts! I chose to pick an unpopular archetype, an underdog, and draft heavily into strong commons and uncommons with decent removal and even more decent combos. The core of my strategy creature base with a full set of Fetid Imps, a couple bombs and auras that overwhelm and control the battlefield. Let's check it out!

Monday, September 7, 2015


Instalok's newest tasty tune is an excellent remix of the newest Arcade theme in League of Legends paired perfectly with some tangy lyrics and a sprinkling of retro soundbites for that extra pop!

I <3 the retro series of skins. It is a perfect example of how League of Legends skin design is such a strong element of the game's model that, honestly, just gets better and better as they create more and more intricate themed sets of skins with unique particles, sound effects and animations.

Good job, Rito.

One title I am excited to pick up on Xbox One is Rare Replay, a game compilation with 30 games from Rare extensive catalog that reaches back to ZX Spectrum and goes all the way to the Xbox 360 (for better or worse)! Honestly, I am most excited to play Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie because those games, in particular, have a special place in my heart...

...soon to be revisited by many of the old Rare guys with Yooka-Laylee!

Last week was Slowpoke Week's anniversary and we got an English translation of Slowpoke reggae song that we got last year. That took an appropriately long time.