Monday, May 2, 2016


Scott Pilgrim VS. The World is a film that came out at the wrong time with little fanfare or advertising. I remember being hyped about the film based on the trailers and just the premise presented in the comic. The trailer promised a stylized attempt to bring the comic and the pop culture it evolved from onto the big screen...

...and the film actually delivers on the promise. Scott Pilgrim remains a fairly unique film, although some films and television shows have used editing and graphic additions similar in their own ways, and the style delivers the most comic book comic book movie that I can think of. The pacing, framing, humor, etc. all create a unique world. A unique universe.

It's a shame the film remains such a flop (even in dvd/bluray sales) but it has a cult following for a reason.

In my long hiatus, I didn't really get a chance to talk about League of Legends many updates and, my favorite update, the Poppy update is one of my favorites. They took a champion that didn't really fit into the way the game functions, didn't really telegraph well, and generally stuck out as a rather ugly eyesore in the roster. Not only did they visually enhance the champion into being one of the cutest champions and help cement what defines "yordles" (the cute little critter species from League of Legends lore) but also created a viable and fun champ.

Good job, Rito.

I still need to play Metal Gear Solid 5...