Friday, January 17, 2014



Designers: Alan R. Moon
Artist: Cyrille Daujean & Julien Delval
Publishers:  Days of Wonder
Type: German-Style Board Game
Themes: Train-Themed, Transportation, Travel
# of Players: 2-5
Ages: 8 & Up
Time to Play: 30-60 min.
Approx. Price: $40-50

Thursday, January 16, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 1/15/14!

AS SEEN ON TV [as-seen-on-tee-vee]
1.A generic descriptor for products advertised on television for direct-response mail-order through a toll-free telephone number.

EX. Anyone else realize how often the problems that As Seen on TV products are meant to solve are often the result of extreme incompetence on the parts of the characters in the artificially constructed scenarios portrayed in the advertisements.

My least favorite of the nearly endless list of stupid products sold on TV is the Snuggie. It is literally a backwards robe. Blankets are not restrictive, sweaters/jackets are a far more fashionable option, and you should never wear a snuggie in public. The fact that this product sold millions and even had imitators is depressingly pathetic.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


First up, let's go ahead and bite the curb that is Game Grumps animated by revisiting a classic scene from when, after finishing their single one-off episode of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie on N64, Egoraptor was driven to suicide.

Vega Voverth has quickly become one of the most prolific animators in the shrinking circuit of Game Grumps animations. I say shrinking circuit because, since Jon left, it seems the animators have lost a lot of their enthusiasm to indulge in animating the antics of Game Grumps. It would seem that, without his animated voice and the conflict between Arin and he, there is little worth illustrating or revisiting.

This assumption, based on the next video, is clearly... WRONG!

I've covered iscoppie one other time when I highlighted this animated scene from the classic episode of Nickelodeon GUTS.This style is perfect for the light-hearted trips down Dan's memory lane.

This surreal and vivid hallucination, a walking hot flash animation of a walking wet dream dripping in sharp biting colors carved away with soft lines to create detailed scenes, will leave you smiling, sweating, and crying.

Showers are recommended.

And, if you thought that last story was a slightly inappropriate and very personal look at Dan's romantic life... let's end with Egoraptor talking about how he used to be part of a club of guys who showed off their wieners. His wife confirms the sum of all of our fears when she admits her beloved too part in many bratwurst parties. And I'm not talking about sausages.

P.S. It can't be unheard and it can't be unseen.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 1/14/13! (LoL)

retro [retch-roh]
1. Of or related to or designating the style of an earlier time.

EX. I love the idea of a retro futuristic Jinx skin. There is something equally kitsch and cool about the 1950's/60's science fiction aesthetic, used in fiction and advertising, that I cant quite deny will always be, at worst, cartoony fun and, at best, stlylish & timeless.

Check out some more awesome fanart below:

Monday, January 13, 2014


From the same madly delightfully marvelously demented animator that brought us WHUR MUH BOATS AT? comes another "so cute you would need to stab yourself in the eyes to not enjoy it" cartoon.

On a semi-related note, make sure to check out the newest trailer for the next season of Game of Thrones. It's Game of Thrones. Watch it.

I've been overindulging in MowtenDoo's remixes lately and there is plenty of Snoop to be had on his channel's various video game remixes. So, when I read that Snoop Lion's newest music video played homage to 2D video games, especially Pokémon, I checked it out. Suffice to say, it's a pretty mellow music video and fits the song's tone of escape.

I give it two Snoopzillas way up and props to Major Lazer.

 Let's end on an especially high note with another recent subscription, Corax. I first ran into this animator's work on several Game Grumps animated, with their style winning me over, but this little video really show's Corax potential by taking something that would probably never be animated and making it truly come to life. I love how Dunkey is personified in the video and I hope that Corax makes more Dunkey videos so I can see that smug face in his animation.