Saturday, March 21, 2015


This week we're taking a look at the Mario Party 10 Amiibo bundle and the accompany Super Mario line of Amiibos. Will Unbox-King ever find a catch phrase? Why does he wear sunglasses? Why am I asking questions?

Friday, March 20, 2015


Kung Fury is a short film being produced with help from a successful kickstarter by Laser Unicorn (a great name for a production company) and will be released later this year, online, for free!

Any film that is about a time traveling loose cannon cop from Miami going back to ancient Asgard and 1940's Nazi Germany to defeat the evil "Kung Fuhrer" with a series of amazing 80's-tastic special and practical ass kicking effects has gotta be worth the wait! Just look at the trailer! There is a viking with a machine gun!

Samurai Cop is an amazingly so-bad-it's-good film! (Seriously, go watch it now!)

Don't believe me? Watch his "Sons of B****es" speech.

The film was unearthed a few years ago and quickly made itself a must-see for weird movie fans everywhere! I learned about it thru Red Letter Media and Obscurus Lupa. And, about a year ago, Matt Hannon, the star, made the internet aware that, in fact, he was alive and well.

That could only lead to one thing! A sequel. And it has Tommy Wiseau and many of the actors from the original film. Only time will tell if it can somehow manage to hit a sweet spot of fan service and glorious over-the-top nonsense. I know I gotta see it.

I still haven't watched Attack on Titan (working through Sword Art Online at the moment) but this looks really cool.

Technically, this counts as a trailer to as it is as way to get people to subscribe to the creator's patreon account by showing some early work:

Fredryk Phox has been working on little Star Fox projects for a long time and they've all been building up to an animated series. The production quality from the character designs to the voice work to the sound design to the animation have me won over. I can't wait to see this weird sci-fi action-comedy with tinges of darkness and jazz has me won over. The only concern I have is that Nintendo will kill this incredible fan project before it can get finished.

On a related note, I really wish Nintendo would create some new animated series or films.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

WORD OF THE DAY! 3/19/15!

trunks [truhngks]
1. Brief shorts or briefs, loose or tight, worn by men chiefly for athletic activities like boxing, swimming, and track.

EX. I refuse to ever learn anything about Trunks's sword. Because his sword is only ever used in one encounter, effectively, and breaks when he fights Anroid 18. I don't remember seeing him ever use it ever again. Because, while it was an interesting idea, it never amounted to anything because, when you can break planets with your fists, swords are kind of obsolete (and hard to design fights around...cough cough).

He basically carries a sword because Trunks is Akira Toriyama's OC character, in the series he created and wrote, and he thought it looked cool. So cool that he forget to ever give Trunks a Saiyan tail. He says it is recessive trait. I just think he honestly forgot or didn't care.

Don't believe me? Dragon Ball GT.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Let's kick it back into action with a music sammich that's two slices of whole anime with a few slices of video game deli meats that are dripping in cranksauce. See? I brought the sandwich metaphor back around to one of the specific songs in today's article. Pfft. Whatever dude. Just enjoy.

First up we have a sweet Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka AMVwith a perfectly paired song for an anime about magical girls with chain saws. I've never watched the anime but, reading that sentence to myself, I realize I've made a mistake and should correct that.

On a side note, I caught some Toonami on my trip to Florida and, I gotta say, the line-up right now is top notch-- DBZ Kai Uncut, Kill la Kill, Naruto Shippuden Uncut, etc.-- and, if you haven't watched it in a while, I recommend it for the English dub of Kill la Kill alone.

I own a few Street Fighter games. In fact, it seems Capcom is willing to give away copies of the franchise to get fans because I own two different version of Street Fighter 2 I didn't pay for and gave away a copy of Street Fighter 4 I didn't pay for. I am not a huge fan of fighting games, though I love arcade brawlers like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series and of course dedicate a lot of time to Smash Bros, but I really appreciate the whacky reality that games like Street Fighter take place.

That and, being classic Capcom, the SF series has some awesome tracks. Guile Theme goes with anything.

Let's end this week's Music Monday mumblings with a chilled out groove featuring Hentai Dude that seems appropriate given the gorgeous weather I'm experiencing today. Yawn. I might just take a nap in a hammock...