Friday, September 25, 2015


I love Mega Man. I love fan games. I love- OH DEAR GODS!! KILL IT WITH A FLAMING STICK!!

I, uh, I guess that Megaman Sprite Game is a fanmade rpg set in the Megaman-verse, where everybody has the same stupid face and nothing really matters and I uh I kinda want to play it after I finish these other games. I'm not stalling!

British Prime Minister David Cameron allegedly put his pee-pee in a dead pig's mouth in a room full of cheering onlookers. If he wanted to be fellated by a dead pig, why not just call up my Mother-in-Law. And now here's Conway Twitty.

Speaking of DYIKS, here is ProJared's hilarious Top Ten Countdown parody video. It involves a lot of hot DYIKS. Video game DYIKS are the best.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

WORD OF THE DAY! 9/24/15!

dominant strategy [dom-uh-nunt-strat-uh-jee]
1. When one player's course of action in a game is better than any other course of action, no matter how their opponent's may play or the challenges that the game puts before them.

EX. I'd like to think Rich is eventually gonna run up against a Pokemon that easily can withstand against his Charmeleon's Mega Punch, as the move is relatively strong at low levels but completely mediocre past a certain point, but something tells me that over-leveling a single Pokemon and knocking the crap out of everything in your path is the dominant strategy in the first series of Pokemon games.

Heck, Pokemon has always been easy. It's a game you play while you watch TV or take a poop (we've all done it). You have to add Nuzlocke Challenge restrictions to yourself to make it anything but a cakewalk, especially not that they added EXP Share that makes leveling your entire team a breeze. What do you guys think? Should they add a supported Nuzlocke Challenge mode? Or maybe just a harder difficulty for veterans?

Monday, September 21, 2015


I like the idea of the characters in League of Legends having a variety of simple and complex relationships that come out as subtle interactions in the game, but it could go so much further to immerse players in the story side of Summoner's Rift and the world of Runeterra:

  • The easiest and most obvious addition would be to patch in more audio interacctions between characters. EX. Garen & Katarina could flirt (with deadly intent) when near each other and could have unique taunts when the other dies. "I love to watch you spin."
  • Costumes and other optional stuff to pair them up visually. EX. If Garen gets a skin that depicts him as a super hero, give Katarina a matching super heroine or, even better, supper villainess skin.
  • We need more flavor pieces to read and more videos to watch to get us into the currently disjointed story. EX. Instead of just having Gangplank not be dead, try to give us a little less narrative dissonance.
What do you guys think?

I both love and hate Mario Maker. I love building stages and playing creative stages. On the flipside, I hate not having as much control as I would like when building stages and playing lazy or broken-difficult levels. Have you played any cool levels this week?

Zelda has some of the best video game music.

That is all.

Wanna fight me on it?