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Is there any character more romantic than Batman? Well, actually there are probably at least a dozen characters more romantic, but that's not the point. The point I want to make is that Batman has got this sociopathic bad boy charm to him that just lends itself to music so well. I mean, all that angst, all that rage, all that leather! Batman is so cool that, if he were to acknowledge his own coolness, all the world's coolness would cease to have any sort of meaning.

The man is a Rock Star...well, he would be if he didn't hate music.

"PUNK is nothing but DEATH....and CRIME...and THE RAGE OF THE BEAST!"
And today's subject is a healthy dose of batty music ranging from the classics to the would-be classics.

I'm not gonna lie. My first Batman was Tim Burton's Batman. Therefore, I kind of completely despise Adam West's Batman as an anti-thesis of everything I love about Batman. Don't get me wrong; I love a campy Batman (as you'll see below), but out of all of the faces of Batman, the 1960's show does him the biggest injustice (well, except for Frank Miller's All-Star Batman).

The theme on the other hand? The theme is gloriously cheesy and awesome in a way that has cemented Batman into the subconscious of most people.

Some of you are wondering why I didn't post the theme from either of Tim Burton's Batman movies, especially considering that was my first exposure to both of these giants in my childhood. The answer is simply a matter of having to try and pick the best version of the Elfman theme and, hands down, the Animated Series theme managed to capture everything about the song in the same way that the series captures everything about the films and refines it into a fine white powder.

You know the kind you snort of Harley Quinn's back before riding a motorcycle off a gargoyle?


So, two things before I explain this choice: my parents owned the Batman Forever soundtrack and the other is your parents probably did too. The album was a big-seller, mostly because of Seal's Kiss from a Rose, and ironically, only about five of the pop songs on the CD were even in the film. The song is stuck in my head of soundtracks and, to me, screams of sappy romantic fog.

I included this cover because Matt Mulholland is a funny and talented A Capella singer and I've already covered his Star Wars: The Phantom Menace a few weeks ago.

P.S. The movie kinda blows.

Star Wars: Phantom Menace A Capella (Duel fo Fates)

A few weeks ago I covered the Batman and Robin: The Musical in a Monday article. Make sure to click above to get my insights into the performance of Arnold in one of the single worst films of his career and the 90's.

A small confession; I am still not hip enough to get Batman: Beyond. The only time I've ever really enjoyed a Batman who wasn't Bruce Wayne was when Dick Grayson took the cowl in the awesome Batman and Robin comics from a couple years back. But there is certainly some really cool and really fun moments of the show.

And above we can learn that not only does Batman hate punk, he also hates Broadway.

But apparently when touched to sadness by Wonder Woman AKA Diana being turned into a pig forced Batman to inspire Circe to turn back his forced romantic relationship partner back into an Amazon princess. Did I mention that Justice League only tells the best stories in the history of the Justice League?

Let me be frank with you. The Mayhem of the Music Meister is literally one of the two best episodes of Batman: The Brave & The Bold. It is a fan favorite for not only giving us Neil Patrick Harris as the episode's title villain, The Music Meister, in his debut, but it also gives us one of the coolest, corniest, and campest things ever to happen to Batman.

If you haven't seen it, click the link above for part 1 of the Episode. It is so good that I would recommend it to even the most casual of Batman, Musical or Doctor Horrible fans.

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