Thursday, June 8, 2017

MIXED BAG. PRE-E3 2017: Dreams & Predictions

Salutacions, mis amigos. This isn't so much a comeback as I wanted to speculate and hype myself up a little bit when it comes to this year's E3 and this is the easiest way for me to share my excitement without annoying every person I know. I've been in a weird gaming rut in a couple years but, since Breath of the Wild's release and the general glut of cool games in 2017, I have been a little more optimistic about this being the start of a new gaming golden age. Yes, despite the fact that last year I was pretty beat down by year after year of tired franchises, micro transactions, pre-order bonuses, over-priced HD re-releases and collector's editions, pay-to-win, bad RNG, open world multiplayer games and all the other nonsense that plagues the industry at the moment, I want to try to get excited about this year's e3. I think there is gonna be a lot of exciting news.

 Before that, a short recap of all things I've done since I put the blog on indefinite hiatus to focus on other projects:

Just kidding. I've been writing a lot of content for 1-2 Dungeons and Dragons supplement books, playing tons of Dungeons and Dragons & Overwatch, I'm gonna be an uncle within a week, I'm still working at my deadbeat job but hey I'm in a better place than 2015-2016! Plus check out these awesome cosplays I did last summer at Anime Blues Con:

I feel pretty good at the moment. Now... ON TO THE SHOW!