Monday, October 21, 2013


As I play yet another Pokémon RPG, I find myself meticulously catching every Pokémon I haven't caught in some, mostly in vain, attempt to catch 'em all. But really, that's not why I play these games; I play these games because of the experiences created within the game and with friends.

Why do you play Pokémon?

The guys who make videos like this are a highly under-appreciated resource of entertainment, hard-earned skill, and artistic value on the internet. Video games can be a pallet for these young artists to express themselves either for the worthy pursuit of simple pleasure or for the high pursuit of pushing themselves further and further toward the highest heights of their craft.

Also, there is a guy saying "Bonk!

Archer is one of my favorite TV shows of recent years, animated or otherwise, because of the fantastic cast, classy art-style taking lessons learned from Adult Swim techniques, and the home run writing that often hits a joke out of the park long before you even realize you're going to laugh at it in a few minutes.

Also, Archer says "Danger Zone" a lot and the only scene I enjoyed in Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie was the scene where Will Ferrell watched Top Gun several times in a row. Don't ask me why, but sharing is what this blog is about so there...I shared.

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