Friday, October 25, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 10/25/13!

substitute [sub-stuh-toot]
1. A replacement for a person or thing.
2. Pokémon. A Normal-type move, normally taught through TM 50 in Gen I & TM 90 in IV, V, VI, that takes 25% of the HP of the user to create a dummy with that HP and 1 additionally HP that blocks all incoming damage for the user until it is destroyed.
2. To replace a person or thing with an alternative.
3. Describing something that replaced a person or thing.

EX. On days like these, where I'm trying to type up a few articles in the few hours I have before going to bed early to prepare for overnight shift, I really wish I could find a substitute blogger. Much like the use of the move Substitute, it might be very effective in making me more competitive.

In fact, Substitute users are some of the most frustrating opponents in the metagame. You just need a Pokémon with a move that heals it's own health and/or Leftovers to set up a rather annoying situation for your opponent. Combined with status effects and effective moves to damage your foes, a Pokémon using Substitute can become an annoying roadblock and/or sweeper for your team.

For example, a Gengar with Substitute can switch in, put down a blocking doll, and the proceed to Focus Punch, Thunderbolt, and Ice Punch its way to victory.

What do you think? Would it be wrong of me to use a substitute writer on my blog? Would it still be the same blog? Would it taste like real blog butter?

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