Saturday, May 24, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/24/14!

Neo Tokyo [nee-oh-toh-kee-yoh]
1. Anime.  In the manga and anime film, Akira, the city of Tokyo was destroyed by an apparent atomic bomb explosion on Dec 6th of 1982 that sets off World War III. By 2019, Neo Tokyo is a new city built on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay that is gripped by drug crime, anti-government terrorism and gang violence.

EX. Neo Tokyo never looked better than in this amazing fan trailer that serves as an homage to perhaps the most influential anime film of all time. Seriously, if we got an Akira film with these sorts of production qualities (Zach Snyder would honestly be a director capable of pulling off such a vision-- just look at his film adaptation of The Watchmen), I would be happy to pay to see that in IMAX.

Friday, May 23, 2014


You've heard his reading of Fifty Shades of Grey...

The man's voice is comedy gold. Never before has there been a human being better suited to voice an annoying bird, from Iago to the Aflac duck, and few other comedians have the power of delivery that Gilbert uses in his stand-up. The man can say terrible, awful, and controversial things, and...

Gilbert Gottfried can win any audience with his particular brand of vulgarity.

Next up, after his last video sent all of my friends into a vindictive mood against me for weeks, hotdiggetydemon either owes me a new funny but fucked up video that redeems us or new friends that appreciate non-humor and self-depreciation. Luckily, he delivered, and I don't have to disown my friends, thanks to this hilarious and somewhat dark (like I like it) Mario & Luigi spoof.

P.S. Never forget Zim-Zam.

Some days I wish I could achieve the zen like state of win that Mrs. Johnson spends her every waking moment of insanity, violence, and victory. Like yesterday, I had just started a Let's Play with Zach and was interrupted. I wish I could've pulled a Mrs. Johnson and horsed my way through the problem, but instead I accepted defeat like a cow. Stupid cows.

Lastly, here is a little revelation from one of WTF Wednesday regulars, Filthy Frank. This video is a little bit more serious than our usual fair, but it is important and interesting to better understand the sort of twisted genius that brought us the Harlem Shake meme and Chin-Chin.

It is important to remember that behind all of your favorite entertainment is a human being (or several) that are real people.

Or whatever....FRRPT!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/22/14!

outlaw [owt-law]
1. A lawless person or criminal, especially one one the run from the law.
2. A person exempted from the benefits/protection of the law.
3. A person who refused to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group; a rebel; a maverick.
4. To make something illegal; to ban or prohibit something.
5. Having characteristics related to committing crimes or being a rebel.

EX. Seriously, if anyone on this "planet of outlaws" isn't stoked for The Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel & Disney's big risk Summer blockbuster, they should be:

A human thief by the name of Peter Quill AKA STAR-LORD (Chris Pratt) finds himself on the other side of the Galaxy trying to steal an object coveted by the villain Ronan the Accuser of the Kree. He winds up in a Nova prison where he meets a motley crew of misfits; Gamora the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy (Zoe Saldana), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), a talking raccoon by the name of Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and a regenerating tree monster simply named Groot (Vinn Disel). Finding these "losers" have the skills to stop Ronan, Star-Lord must bring them together as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

And if you want a more detailed rundown of the characters, make sure to check out my last Guardians of the Galaxy article HERE.

I honestly think this is gonna be my favorite film of the year, but I'm worried that not enough people know about it. I want this film to succeed, not only cuz I'm excited about it but, because, not only will it's success mean more Guardians of the Galaxy in the future, but it will also mean Marvel will take a lot more risks in their super hero films and we'll see everything from Doctor Strange to the Black Panther get their day in the cinema. So please, please, spread the trailer and message.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Welcome to my third Let's Play series. It has been a couple weeks and, between a busy social life and technical difficulties, I have been unable to record. Yet, in a stroke of mad genius, me and my best friend Yeti (Zach Stanifer) came together to give you guys another take on Let's Play with the first session of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney playthrough.

Phoenx Wright: Ace Attorney is the first title in the hit Ace Attorney series that has spanned Nintendo handhelds from the GBA to the 3DS and follows the career of Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney. Each game is a visual novel where the players listen to the case and look at the evidence to discover contradictions in the prosecution's case. Simple, but fun.

In the case, Yeti and I got to flex our voice acting chops and had a blast solving the case in this legal dystopia.

Check it out the link at the top or below.

If you like this video, make sure to check out the other videos on my channel, like, comment, and subscribe. And don't worry, we plan to do more Phoenix Wright soon and to continue our Pokémon series.

Monday, May 19, 2014


I think I always had plans to do a Let's Play of Phoenix Wright, but it was brentalfloss's newest homage that inspired me to finally play a series I've been curious about for so long. Phoenix Wright is a portable Nintendo franchise that is part animated novel and part puzzle game. The gameplay, as far as I can tell from my first case, is pretty simple but satisfying-- you listen to the fact, look at the evidence, and point out contradictions in the prosecution's case.

Hopefully, I'll have the first session of the Mixed Bag's Let's Play of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney posted on youtube some time this week.

So, confession time, because I can do that, because technically this is still my blog-- I forgot my best friend's birthday this year. I called him to ask if he wanted to hang out on Monday only to quickly figure out the reason that Zach was acting so strange was that I had forgotten his birthday. I've been pretty busy lately, hence the lack of posts on the blog, and had lost the date in the shuffle. Quickly, I scrambled to save the day; I arranged a ride to his house and picked up Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS (after all, the only other 3DS game he owns? Pokémon X). I also texted my friends to make sure they knew to meet up and we spent the day hanging out, going to the mall, and playing badminton. The lesson of the story?

Redemption is always a possibility.

And booty, yes booty, rockin' everywhere, rockin' everywhere...

Let's end with some other news in my life, in no general order, just stream of conciousness:

I bought a couple of board games to review for Tabletop Tales, I've been working on an interesting new Dungeons & Dragons setting (not sure if I wanna use Pathfinder or another system to run it), I went and saw Godzilla (3/5), my friend AceofSpadesCard became a father to his first daughter Evelynn and I joined him for a 24 hour game marathon for charity (for about 12 hours of it since I had to work that day), my friend Valerie graduated college and became engaged to my number one friend Justin, I went to a housewarming part for my friends Chris & Laura, Zach and Katherine got a pitbull puppy named Indi (after Indiana Jones and his family dog), I plan to see the new X-Men movie soon (even it blows), I love playing the newest LoL Champion Braum, I bought some new Steam games for Let's Play, my Aunt Debbie graduated college, I canceled my ESO subscription, my Pokémon hat gives me super powers of starting conversations, I am considering shaving my beard so I can finally try cosplaying at a con, I'm super stoked for Guardians of the Galaxy & Mario Kart 8, Game of Thrones is super good, and...

I threw out my back earlier today lifting too many bags of dogfood and have been in pain all day, but I still managed to write a new blog post. Thanks for reading and please keep checking in for updates, because this Summer is gonna be good.