Monday, October 21, 2013


Kalos starters [kal-ohs-stahrt-ers]
1. The Pokémon that Professor Sycamore's proteges offers to the protagonist in the 6th Generation of Pokémon games; Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. Also included, are the Kanto Starters, excluding Pikachu, that Sycamore offers later in the game.

EX. As many of my friends know, I changed my plans on which Kalos Starter I would pick for my first playthrough of Pokémon X. Originally, I planned to get Froakie & Bulbasaur, but, after the reveal of Chespin's final form, Chesnaught, I changed my mind.

I decided I liked Chespin the most and that it still met my plans of mixing it up by not picking the fire starter. Unfortunately, as cool as Greninja is, I decided that I wasn't as big a fan and figured I could figure out another Pokémon to fit my Water type needs (which, you'll see, is not technically the case, fufufu). I plan to eventually rename it Cptn. Carrot after one of my favorite characters from the Terry Pratchett books.

What does that mean for my other choices? Well, since I wasn't going to be picking Bulbasaur as my Kanto starter, I had to pick between Charmander & Squirtle and, as much as I figured I could just use the event Torchic, I really wanted Charizard X! I named my Charmander "Smaug" and I felt a lot of nostalgia for my first starter from way back in the day. I remember my nickname for my Charmander in Yellow was "Chili", oddly enough.

And, while we're here, I'll talk about other core members I captured for my team:

I'm not sure why, but I just really connected with the Ralts I caught and am excited to see it's Mega Gardevoir form. I need to rename it and I'm thinking Sir Lancelot.

Fletchling is pretty great, despite the 4X weakness to Rock, and I think he is my favorite generational bird after Staraptor. I'm going to rename the Talonflame "Hawky" after Sokka's pet hawk in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

Steel/Ghost type that is a "love it or hate it" Pokémon? There are two types of people: people that appreciate Honedge's cool design and strategy and people that hate it because it's a living sword... I don't know if I like the latter's opinion cuz I think he is pretty sweet. I will probably rename my Honedge "Conan" after the sword-wielding barbarian.

Last but not least, is the cutest member of my team Amaura, the new Ice/Rock dinosaur. This little cute creature has a neat typing and even neater abilities. I also noticed that your hand freezes if you touch it's ice crystals on its sides in Pokémon Amie-- which is awesome!

And that's the first little bit of info about my experience with the game. Expect more of my opinions and experience later this week.

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