Saturday, February 4, 2012


thinkology [thingk-ol-uh-jee]
1. Quite literally, the science of thought.
2. Fiction. The methods of Terry Pratchett's Granny Weatherwax including, but not limited to : psychology, reverse psychology, intuition, will power, placebo effect, literary effect etc.
3. Fiction.The doctorate awarded to the Scarecrow by the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz.

EX.   Nothing in the universe is more powerful than thinkology.

The science is derived from the manipilulation of thought and, time and time again, it has been shown that such power is the mightiest in the universe. The human mind can build grand cities and tiny wonders, it can construct flights of fancy and constructs of flight, and it can create life and preserve it. Arguably, the will of man has burned forests and fields, torn down mountains and trees of life, and create countless methods of murder and tools of extinction.

The human mind is the only consciousness we have even begun to know or understand and, as of this moment, it may be the only one that we will ever know. Thus, humanity is the keeper of the greatest power in the universe; the human imagination.

Will you use it to build yellow brick roads that take us the future or do you wish to cast our future into rubble and silence?

Think about that.


x-ray vision [eks-rey-vihz-zhun] or x-ray specs [eks-rey-speks]
1. In science fiction, and especially in superhero comics, x-ray vision is the ability to see through physical objects at the discretion of the holder of this super power or technology.

EX. Look's Lt. Le Forge's X-ray specs are about to get him in a world of trouble.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


hypothetical [hahy-puh-thet-i-kuhl]
1. a hypothetical situation, instance, etc.
2.assumed by hypothesis.
3. given to making hypothesis.
4. Logic. a.(of a proposition) highly conjectural; not well supported by available evidence.

               b.(of a proposition or syllogism) conditional.
EX. The above hypothetical, like all hypotheticals, can only be salvaged with big fat dose of Gary Mother F***in' Oak.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


atavism [at-uh-viz-uhm]
1. Biology. a. the reappearance in an individual of characteristics of some remote ancestor that have been absent in intervening generations.
                   b. an individual embodying such a reversion.
2.  A revision to an earlier type; a throwback.
3. A step, or several steps, backwards in evolution. 

EX. It appears that secondary mutations are not always useful in the X-Men universe. Sure, Angel gets metal skin and  Beast becomes a cat guy, but sometimes you get your total f***-ups. Shooting concussive laser beams out of your knuckles would seem to be a bit harder to control, but shooting claws out of your eyes would be just about useless, if not agonizingly painful.

In such situations, could an atavism come in handy to reverse the effects?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 1/31/12

percentage [per-sent-ij]
1.a rate or proportion per hundred.
2. an allowance, a commission, or rate of interest calculated by the percent.
3. a proportion in general.
4. gain; benefit; profit

EX. "It's like my Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas."-Youngster Joey, Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Silver

FUN FACT #321 Youngster Joey was the first named trainer in the Pokemon series, besides gym leaders, the Elite Four, a couple of NPCs (who didn't fight), and your rival.

Monday, January 30, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 1/30/12

doppelganger [dop-uhl-gang-er]
1. a ghostly double or counterpart of a person.
2. a copy or clone of an object, animal, or person.
3. someone who copies the appearance and/or mannerisms of another person; a copycat.

EX. I have several theories about the image above of the Mythbusters;

First of all, this is an expression of the false belief that every little person is a miniaturized copy of a real celebrity, politician, or Water Polo coach. These little doppelgangers try to avoid the larger versions of themselves to keep from getting absorbed into the mass of the larger entity.

Then, we've got the parallel-earth theory that theorizes that there is an infinite number of parallel universes. Thus, the Mythbusters must have made a subspace ship to travel to a universe where all humans are midgets. Presumably, they use it to bully their smaller selves into doing their chores and taking candid photos with them.

Or perhaps Jamie's plans to clone the two of them has finally come to fruition and soon an army of Mythbusting badasses will be running around making soda machines that can shoot cans at you, shark proof boats, and Coca-Cola Mentos bombs that can covertly take out the Moleman C.H.U.D. that threaten the upper biosphere.

Perhaps, this is a side-by-side comparison of the time that Adam and Jamie were cursed by the same witch that turned a younger Jamie into a walrus, only to be saved by an Eskimo princess, after he proved her crystal ball was made of glass and not the crystallized heart of a Lava Wyrm.

Or maybe its a couple of kids wearing masks...

The world may never know.