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WORD OF THE DAY! 6/13/13!


multitudinous [muhl-tuh-tood-ih-nus]
1. Forming a multitude or great number; existing, occurring, or present in great numbers; very numerous.
2. Comprising many items, parts, or elements.
3. Archaic. Crowded or thronged.

EX. Alright, we're here to talk about the multitudinous news from this week's E3 conference on the upcoming Pokémon X & Y. For the official E3 trailer and roundtable discussion, check out the article at the top. If you're interested in some of my other "in-depth" coverage of this game, make sure to check out:



For other interesting articles on the subject, simply search "pokemon" on my blog to look at the backlog of Pokémon articles I've done this year (hint hint...there is a lot). If you're too lazy to keep reading, JWittz was actually at E3's roundtable and has a ton of info:



Before we move onto critically judging every Pokémon with the eye of a well-tempered veteran, let's take a look at some of the new game features:

With an emphasis on having fun with multiple people, there will very likely be multiple rivals and friends that you meet along your journey in the Kalos region (which is confirmed to be based on France during the developer conference).

Character customization is deeper than previously alluded: you will be able to change your hair, clothes, and accesories to help identify you on the PSS.

The C-Gear will be replaced with a new friendlier trading/battling system called the PSS. You will be able to see what trainers are nearby with the feature.

You will be able to ride many Pokémon with a variety of features. For example, Rhyhorn can climb over and crush rocks. Other transportation hinted at were biking (of course) and roller skates.

The games will be playable in 7 different languages on each cart.

There will be a Nintendogs-like feature called Pokémon Amie that let's you play with your Pokémon and will have positive effects on the Pokémon in the game.

They announced two new battle modes:

Sky Battles take place in the air and involve Flying Pokémon and Pokémon with Levitate. The pay-off will be extra cash as a reward.

There will be battles where you fight up to five Pokémon with one Pokémon and can earn extra experience if you knock them out all at once.

The biggest piece of news? A new type, long rumored, HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. Four Pokémon, including three being retyped and one Eveelution we've been trying to discover the type of, have been revealed to be the new Fairy type. Jigglypuff is now Normal/Fairy, Gardevoir is Psychic/Fairy, Marill is Water/Fairy and, finally, we know that Sylveon is a Fairy type. What do we know about the new type (the first to be added since Dark and Steel in Gen II)? Fairy type is super effective against Dragon type!

And now that I think I've got that sorta news out of the way, let's move onto the 9 Pokémon revealed...I've got opinions.

First, let's get out the easily predictable Vivillion and his pre-evolutions. Are they cute? Yes. Is Vivillion perdy? Yes. But is there anything else to really say about this new triovulation of bugs in the vein of Butterfree and Buzzdrill? No, but I can tell you EDIT: that the 1st stage is named Scatterbug and the that 2nd stage is named Spewpa. So there is that? I don't have much to say about a new Bug/Flying pocket monster.

Next up, let's take a look at a new crustacean arriving on the scene with a Sword Dance and Crabhammer. I like Clauncher aesthetically and, if he evolved into a Water/Fire type since I think he is based on the pistol shrimp, he will be a really cool new typing! I've always liked crabby types since Krabby and Kingler and so I hope this new guy earns a place as my go to Water Pokémon in 6th Gen. Also, he looks like Zoidberd. Y not Clauncher?

Skrelp...I'm so sorry. BUT, at least you're interesting! This nifty Poison/Water type is surely the opposite of Horsea (who was introduced in the anime in an anti-pollution episode) as he probably loves to sit in chemicals. I'm glad he isn't pure water type and I like the color scheme and detail that goes into his design.

Hey everyone...SHUT UP! It's a new lion Pokémon and it's Normal/Fire type. You can stuff it! Luxray is on of my favorite Pokémon and if Shishiko (Japanese name) evolves into something really cool then Gen VI is already on it's way to becoming the coolest generation since Gen IV. Update: It's called a Litleo.

Then we've got a Grass/Fairy type with the Japanese name Furabebe and now revealed to be named Flabébé. This little fairy appears to be standing on a flower and holding the stem. I don't have ton to say since we don't know all of the attributes to the Fairy typing and can't really predict its qualities entirely.

Talonflame is the evolved form of Fletchling and is Fire/Flying type. He is pretty boss and might be the perfect Pokémon to fulfill your needs as your Sky Battle and Fly user in the sixth gen. I really dig his general appearance but I can't wait to see if he is the final evolution or just the second stage. Cuz what would be cooler than Talonflame?

Noivern is my favorite new Pokémon of the batch. She is a Dragon/Flying type (I was sorta hoping for Sound type to go along with what I had hoped would be Light instead of Sound) and he just is everything I love about modern Pokémon design. Her color scheme is a stunning mix of dark colors that get across the dragon theme but also have several neat design choices. The sonic ears, the cool nose crest, the yellow eyes, the little red claws on its wins and feet, the white mane, the tail with its hooks-- I just really dig its design. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely for me. Plus its name is a reference to Wyverns which are part of some of my most memorable D & D moments.

And that's all. What do you think about all the news? Make sure to comment below or on Facebook.

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