Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/16/13!

fairy floss [fehr-ee-flaws]/ cotton candy [kaw-tuhn-kan-dee]
1. A fluffy confection of sugar spun around a stick, usually associated with carnivals or fairs.

EX. There is a new Fairy type Pokémon coming in Pokémon X & Y that is based on one of my favorite confections, fairy floss. The new Pokémon is called Swirlex, the cotton candy Pokémon, and has a sugary and sticky body from eating nothing but sweets and candy. I hope the associated Swirlex with fair culture or the carnival or-- OOH!-- since we are in France, the circus.

Now, as I'm sure many fans are already complaining about the fact that this is the dumbest Pokémon since Vanillite and its ice-cream themed evolutions, I gotta put you in your place;Vanillite wasn't the lamest Pokémon of all time and I like Swirlex. The biggest problem people seem to have with these monsters is the argument that Pokémon shouldn't be based on inanimate objects and that old Pokémon are better.

Tell ya what, name off five of your favorite Gen 1 Pokémon and we'll discuss whether or not they're original in the comment section below or on Facebook. Here's an example of some critiques: Goldeen is a gold fish with a horn on it's head and Dewgong is a white seal with a horn on it's head. Super creative...

P.S. Ya better watch out Dragonite. The Faeries are coming.

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