Thursday, July 18, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/18/13!

tumor [too-mohr]
1. A swollen part; swelling; protuberance.
2. An uncontrolled, abnormal, circumscribed growth of cells in any animal or plant tissue; neoplasm.
3. Archaic.  
a. Inflated pride; haughtiness.
b. Pompous language; bombast. 

EX.  I always find it amusing in science fiction how radiation, specifically atomic radiation, makes animals grow big. For example, on the River Monsters (Animal Planet) episode, Atomic Assassin, Jeremy Wade traveled to Pripyat, Ukraine, the source of the Chernobyl meltdown, and sought out some giant catfish. The tension of the episode was ruined for myself and my Dad (who speaks Russian and knew that "sohm", which was what the natives called the fish, translates to catfish) because we both understood, since he has professional experience with weapons inspection and nuclear power, that Jeremy Wade wouldn't be finding any giant catfish.
In fact, the fish, due to illness related to the environment, were smaller and sicker than the average catfish of their age.
P.S. In unrelated news... 

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