Saturday, July 13, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/13/13!

random encounter [ran-dum-en-kownt-er]
1. Video Game. Found in turn-based RPG & strategy games, a player stumbles upon randomly generated encounters, usually with monsters/enemies of a specific type or level of power in an area that can be defeated for experience, gold, and/or gear.

EX. You wanna know why I wish there was a way to disable random encounters? The first example is obvious; zubats. Everyone who has played the main titles in the Pokémon series has experienced the obnoxious occurrence of having to walk through a cave and deal with any number of generic Pokémon that you've already fought/caught before. This wouldn't be a big problem if a) you didn't need to explore the cave to find rarer Pokémon & items, b) you need to go through the caves to reach other areas, and c) the level of the Pokémon are always the same. A LVL. 9 Zubat will attack you despite the fact you have a Dragonite & a Mewtwo in your party.

At least you can avoid random encounters in Pokémon with Repel items and if you are defeated you go back to the last Pokémon center you used. Unlike in the classic Final Fantasy games where you could literally find yourself ending up in the wrong area and unable to escape because every random encounter is so high level you die. You end up trapped in a loop of death. That has happened to me in Final Fantasy 3 & 4. I had to quit both games....

Y que es no bueno.

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