Friday, July 19, 2013



Valve's Steam is an incredibly popular content download service that provides incredible and convenient ways for gamers to access a digital library of PC games. This week has seen another Steam Summer Sale, a week of incredible discounts, come and soon it will all be over. There are three reactions to the results of the annual assault on the wallets of PC Gamers everywhere:

There are the Evangelistic Response to the steam sale where every gamer hopes for the big discount on some game they put on their wishlist and have been praying to see a big price drop. I must admit that when you get your first good game for like under $5 you feel like you're seeing a much cheaper and friendly software future thanks to Lord Gabe Newell.

Then there is the Panic Response to the coming assault. Will your willpower hold out to the giant deals? Will you be able to survive after the discount disembowelment? Or will you find yourself demolished by the onslaught? Nothing is worse than paying too much for a game that go on sale again for far cheaper in the near future or buying too many games you'll never play.

Arguably the worst response is that of the Addict; a gamer's eyes light up at the potentially thousands of incredible discounts and, like a goldfish finding more and more food dumped into your bowl, you can't stop. Before you know it, those little purchases here and there will add up to a games library worth hundreds or, in some rare cases, thousands. Yes... it really happens!

There is even a website called Steam Calculator that can evaluate the worth of your library. At the moment its down but, if you think you spend too much, value your library sometime soon.

Until next time, happy deal hunting.

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