Friday, October 4, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 10/4/13!

cat burglar [kat-bur-gler]
1. A burglar who breaks into buildings by climbing through upstairs windows, across roofs, etc., especially with great stealth and agility.

EX. After watching the entirety of the Batman the Animated series, I still find the DC Universe's greatest cat burglar to be, at best, a somewhat odd and selfish, self-righteous vigilante/crook and, at worst, a complete crazy catlady.

Also, sometimes I need to take a knock at cats. Between T.S. Eliot, Broadway, & the Internet, we've put them up on a pedestal. THIS (below) is how we used to treat our feline villains (and now I don't mean you should hit your cat, pretty much ever, take a joke(pretty sure it's a puppet)).

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