Friday, October 4, 2013


powder puff [pow-der-puf]
1. A soft pad or ball of fluffy material used for applying cosmetic powder to the skin.

EX. Rather than talk about the lame powder puff evolutions of Spritzee & Swirlix, Aromatisse & Slurpuff, both Fairy types, posted in the image above, I want to talk about a decision I made.

After seeing leaks of the final stages of the starter Pokémon (which I will share after the jump since picking your starter is important), I have decided to only post information that is spoiled officially on X & Y leading up to the release rather than the information being leaked daily since copies hit the streets of Italy & Canada.

Nintendo has taken action against some leakers, powder puff soft action, and it is understandable since they don't want people ruining the simultaneous worldwide release. On that note, I want to share the info on the final stages of the starters (I promise this will be the last leak before the official release) enjoy and warning, spoilers ahead (I will re-release the info when this stuff becomes official):

The coolest news is that their final stages do represent the classic fantasy RPG trio of Rogue, Mage, & Fighter. This is the best carried out themed trio of starters pretty much ever. And yet, for many fans, they found the final stages disappointing. Personally, I think it's because they set their expectations so incredibly high because, while it took a minute to accept, these designs have grown on me.

Greninja is a Water/Dark type and clearly is based on a ninja (rogue). He is the fan favorite and probably, so far, my second favorite. He uses his tongue like a scarf, which is pretty sweet and will probably be a speedy physical sweeper type.

Delphox is not Fire/Fighting but is the second (or third if you include Zen Mode Damarnitan) Fire/Psychic Pokémon and is clearly a wizard type. This poor fox is pretty polarizing but I think it's because our only screenshots are pretty low res and awkward. In motion, this special sweeper shoudl be an awesome addition and, hey, it isn't Fire/Fighting.

Speaking of fighting, Chesnaught is Grass/Fighting, based on a heavily armored fighter and is my favorite of the 6th Gen Starters. Fans seem to take several issues with his design-- long arms, coloration, and overall quality-- but I actually like him. He looks like a mix between the robot from Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky and an armadillo. I'm thinking I might be Team Chespin for this tanking physical beast.

And that's all folks. What do you think? Disappointed? Pleased? Excited?

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