Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This is one of those things that I was concerned that I only I could enjoy-- as both a big fan of Hey Arnold! and a general weirdo who enjoys abridged voice acting stuff-- but this won't over pretty big at my latest hangout with the gang. In fact, they insisted we watch it twice! This is the sort of thing that is offensive to some and just weird to others, but I found the whole thing so funny that I gotta admire the suggestion that there be more stuff on youtube like this.

We've had our abridged animes and rifftrax, but I want to see my favorite cartoons given the same treatment. Just take like the weirdest episodes of any given Nicktoon, of which there were many, and you have comedy gold on your hands.

This is a slam dunk sorta video that, perhaps if it had been more timely near the release of the original film or The Avengers, I wouldn't be surprised to see it catapulted to the status of viral hit with it's creative format, great set-up, and amazing performance from good ol' Stamper.

I like Thor but is has it's problems. It is directed by one of my favorite directors and has a bizarrely chosen mix of top tier actors giving Shakespearean performances, usually as the most minor roles in the film, and over the top scenery chewing from the rest. But that's great. I've always found Anthony Hopkins performance to be the perfect fit for this kitshy sword & sorcery film.

Last but not least is the latest lovely bit of animation from Cartoon Hangover, Doctor Lollipop, mixing the mashed up bits of medical drama satire and fairy tale frippery into a fine paste to fix our sweet tooths. This candy-coated creation fits right into the catalog of cartoons produced in the past by Cartoon Hangover and, with a cast of talking critters and fairy tale folk, I'm excited to see what quirky cases our equine quack takes on next in his medical quest.

And that's all folks. Do you like spiders?

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