Friday, March 20, 2015


Kung Fury is a short film being produced with help from a successful kickstarter by Laser Unicorn (a great name for a production company) and will be released later this year, online, for free!

Any film that is about a time traveling loose cannon cop from Miami going back to ancient Asgard and 1940's Nazi Germany to defeat the evil "Kung Fuhrer" with a series of amazing 80's-tastic special and practical ass kicking effects has gotta be worth the wait! Just look at the trailer! There is a viking with a machine gun!

Samurai Cop is an amazingly so-bad-it's-good film! (Seriously, go watch it now!)

Don't believe me? Watch his "Sons of B****es" speech.

The film was unearthed a few years ago and quickly made itself a must-see for weird movie fans everywhere! I learned about it thru Red Letter Media and Obscurus Lupa. And, about a year ago, Matt Hannon, the star, made the internet aware that, in fact, he was alive and well.

That could only lead to one thing! A sequel. And it has Tommy Wiseau and many of the actors from the original film. Only time will tell if it can somehow manage to hit a sweet spot of fan service and glorious over-the-top nonsense. I know I gotta see it.

I still haven't watched Attack on Titan (working through Sword Art Online at the moment) but this looks really cool.

Technically, this counts as a trailer to as it is as way to get people to subscribe to the creator's patreon account by showing some early work:

Fredryk Phox has been working on little Star Fox projects for a long time and they've all been building up to an animated series. The production quality from the character designs to the voice work to the sound design to the animation have me won over. I can't wait to see this weird sci-fi action-comedy with tinges of darkness and jazz has me won over. The only concern I have is that Nintendo will kill this incredible fan project before it can get finished.

On a related note, I really wish Nintendo would create some new animated series or films.

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