Thursday, March 19, 2015

WORD OF THE DAY! 3/19/15!

trunks [truhngks]
1. Brief shorts or briefs, loose or tight, worn by men chiefly for athletic activities like boxing, swimming, and track.

EX. I refuse to ever learn anything about Trunks's sword. Because his sword is only ever used in one encounter, effectively, and breaks when he fights Anroid 18. I don't remember seeing him ever use it ever again. Because, while it was an interesting idea, it never amounted to anything because, when you can break planets with your fists, swords are kind of obsolete (and hard to design fights around...cough cough).

He basically carries a sword because Trunks is Akira Toriyama's OC character, in the series he created and wrote, and he thought it looked cool. So cool that he forget to ever give Trunks a Saiyan tail. He says it is recessive trait. I just think he honestly forgot or didn't care.

Don't believe me? Dragon Ball GT.

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