Thursday, May 22, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/22/14!

outlaw [owt-law]
1. A lawless person or criminal, especially one one the run from the law.
2. A person exempted from the benefits/protection of the law.
3. A person who refused to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group; a rebel; a maverick.
4. To make something illegal; to ban or prohibit something.
5. Having characteristics related to committing crimes or being a rebel.

EX. Seriously, if anyone on this "planet of outlaws" isn't stoked for The Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel & Disney's big risk Summer blockbuster, they should be:

A human thief by the name of Peter Quill AKA STAR-LORD (Chris Pratt) finds himself on the other side of the Galaxy trying to steal an object coveted by the villain Ronan the Accuser of the Kree. He winds up in a Nova prison where he meets a motley crew of misfits; Gamora the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy (Zoe Saldana), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), a talking raccoon by the name of Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and a regenerating tree monster simply named Groot (Vinn Disel). Finding these "losers" have the skills to stop Ronan, Star-Lord must bring them together as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

And if you want a more detailed rundown of the characters, make sure to check out my last Guardians of the Galaxy article HERE.

I honestly think this is gonna be my favorite film of the year, but I'm worried that not enough people know about it. I want this film to succeed, not only cuz I'm excited about it but, because, not only will it's success mean more Guardians of the Galaxy in the future, but it will also mean Marvel will take a lot more risks in their super hero films and we'll see everything from Doctor Strange to the Black Panther get their day in the cinema. So please, please, spread the trailer and message.

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