Saturday, May 24, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/24/14!

Neo Tokyo [nee-oh-toh-kee-yoh]
1. Anime.  In the manga and anime film, Akira, the city of Tokyo was destroyed by an apparent atomic bomb explosion on Dec 6th of 1982 that sets off World War III. By 2019, Neo Tokyo is a new city built on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay that is gripped by drug crime, anti-government terrorism and gang violence.

EX. Neo Tokyo never looked better than in this amazing fan trailer that serves as an homage to perhaps the most influential anime film of all time. Seriously, if we got an Akira film with these sorts of production qualities (Zach Snyder would honestly be a director capable of pulling off such a vision-- just look at his film adaptation of The Watchmen), I would be happy to pay to see that in IMAX.

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  1. I saw that Akira fan project, and I have to say that it is rather impressive for a fan-film! I am not sure if Zack Sndyer would be the best for a real live-action film though. He certainly nailed the visual style of Watchmen, but considering it is one of the best graphic novel never made, and my personal favorite, it will lacked a lot of what made the novel great with the execution. I do hope that America could actually end up making a great anime adaptation at some point though.