Friday, May 23, 2014


You've heard his reading of Fifty Shades of Grey...

The man's voice is comedy gold. Never before has there been a human being better suited to voice an annoying bird, from Iago to the Aflac duck, and few other comedians have the power of delivery that Gilbert uses in his stand-up. The man can say terrible, awful, and controversial things, and...

Gilbert Gottfried can win any audience with his particular brand of vulgarity.

Next up, after his last video sent all of my friends into a vindictive mood against me for weeks, hotdiggetydemon either owes me a new funny but fucked up video that redeems us or new friends that appreciate non-humor and self-depreciation. Luckily, he delivered, and I don't have to disown my friends, thanks to this hilarious and somewhat dark (like I like it) Mario & Luigi spoof.

P.S. Never forget Zim-Zam.

Some days I wish I could achieve the zen like state of win that Mrs. Johnson spends her every waking moment of insanity, violence, and victory. Like yesterday, I had just started a Let's Play with Zach and was interrupted. I wish I could've pulled a Mrs. Johnson and horsed my way through the problem, but instead I accepted defeat like a cow. Stupid cows.

Lastly, here is a little revelation from one of WTF Wednesday regulars, Filthy Frank. This video is a little bit more serious than our usual fair, but it is important and interesting to better understand the sort of twisted genius that brought us the Harlem Shake meme and Chin-Chin.

It is important to remember that behind all of your favorite entertainment is a human being (or several) that are real people.

Or whatever....FRRPT!

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