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check out [chekt-owt]
1. To leave somewhere, especially a hotel or other lodging, after paying.
2. To rent or borrow an object from a person, collection, store, etc.
3. To examine or research an object, person, persons, or any sort of subject.
4. To quit, give up on, or emotionally/physically disconnect from a person, persons, group, organization, project, or responsibility.
5. Slang. To die.

EX. Pictured above are the exclusives to each respective 6th Generation Pokémon we know far. I would give my opinion on it in more detail, like how I'm stoked to get a hold of Aggron, Starmie and Clauncher but I'm bummed to not be able to get Heracross and Tyranitar without trading, but I don't really care that much. Why? Because I'm checked out. Because X & Y come out today and I wrote this on Friday!

Despite that, I have a quick announcement before the last update before the release; I will continue my X & Y updates but, instead, I will be doing a weekly article about my experiences with the game in a fashion that recounts the high points and low points of the game. If I'm feeling froggy, I may write a review soon, but don't put your money on it cuz I'm checked out. Anywho, let's get to the update...

This will be the last update (last one is here, here I talk about the leaked final evolutions of the starters, now spoiled, fair and square) before I get the game in my hands. I will not be posting an article on Sunday because I'll be playing the game and D & D. Speaking of D & D and, now that we have the official art of Ken Sugimori, I'm taking a quick moment to recap the final evolutions of the Kalos starters final stages:

Going clockwise from the top left, Chesnaught is a Grass/Fighting type Pokémon based around the theme of a fighter, Delphox is a Fire/Psychic Pokémon that wears the robe of a mage and wields a wand, and Greninja is a Water/Dark type that styles himself after roguish ninja. The fan favorites seem to be Greninja and Delphox. As for myself..

For the very first time that I have been playing these games, I'm going to be using a Grass Starter, rather than a Fire Starter, in my first playthrough. I'm picking Chespin because, not only do I like his bullied second form Quilladin, but because I think his final form is a boss. Grass/Fighting type have been pretty snazzy in the past (Breloom & Virizion) and I think he'll be fun to build my team around during my Pokémon X experience. Now, let's get moving along to the spoilers.

Alongside brand new official art of Mega Kangaskhan, we also got a look at Mega Gengar. He is still gonna be Ghost/Poison and has Shadowtag which keeps enemy Pokémon from swapping out. This is an ability that is valuable in the competitive format where swapping out is already tricky. As for his design, I can dig it's combination of the best elements of Gengar and Haunter into a creepy psycho sweeper.

And now we're talking. Mega Tyranitar is basically a buffed up Tyranitar with Sandstream that looks pretty much like the Mega Godzilla we need. As for Mecha Godzilla, we got Mega Aggron with a pure Steel typing and the ability Filter...which is a pretty big deal. The ability reduces the damage of Super-Effective moves against it by 1/4. This makes it a super tanky physical tyrant that I can't wait to see in action. A lot of people don't love their designs but I think kids love this sorta thing and, if we didn't have as much nostalgia, we would realize these are no less appealing than Blastoise or Charizard were to us as kids.

And that's all folks. See you by next Saturday with the next X & Y Update... I'd love to hear about your thoughts, experiences, and the like on the game so please comment on my blog or Facebook page and please subscribe. Thank you.

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