Thursday, October 10, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 10/10/13!

jinx [jeenks]
1. A person, idea, or thing that brings bad luck.
2. An exclamation used when two or more people say the same word at the same time. Until this silly game is resolve, the individuals who were "jinxed" cannot speak until they meet a specific criteria such as someone saying their name or buying the "jinxer" a Coke.
2. To bring bad luck or to curse someone.
3. To destroy the point of an action or idea.

EX. The NuFu clan and implejr (that's me) have their differences; for example, several of them hold superstitions and I , for a number of reasons ranging from my skeptical nature to controlling my own neurosis & OCD, take a, at the best of times, optimistic and/or, at the worst of times, sadistic pleasure in ignoring, arguing, or even mocking such silliness. For example, in a game of Summoner's Rift on LoL (That's "League of Legends" for the uninitiated), I might say something like, "I think we're turning this around, guys!"

Now, when I say this on the fly and not to pester them, I say optimistic stuff to give myself a little boost of confidence and hopefully reassure my teammates. And yet... when they hear this, they groan and say that "I'm jinxing them." As someone who doesn't believe in such silly superstition, as much as someone who is a member of a species as illogical as our own can be, I'll even admit I believed in Santa Claus far past the point of appropriate suspension of disbelief and have participated in theatre superstition, I usually have a little friendly laugh at their frustration. This sort of disrespectful behavior reminds me of the newest champion coming to League of Legends...

Here we've got a fun new champ that falls right into my playstyle of dealing damage at a distance and being able to escape in a hurry with the most petty psychopath to ever terrorize Piltover, Jinx.

The champion was first teased in the log-in screen splash for the Pool Party Update (not the arm with the pink bullet and blue smoke tattoos)  and then Vi's page was vandalized by a mysterious X figure. I've actually talked about Vi and Piltover in a previous article about my favorite ADC and the Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn.Well, it seem that our newest champ, #166 or, in roman numerals CVIX ("C" for Caitlyn, "VI" for Vi, and "X" for Jinx) is the sort of super criminal that Piltover not only deserves but needs. After all, what would Batman be without the Joker?

Jinx's full history is a bit of a mystery, but here's the official lore: both Caitlyn and VI, partners in fighting crime, have been teased by a villain with the calling card of "X". Starting a crime spree legendary enough to get her admission into the League of Legends, Jinx earned her name through the chaos that follows in her wake and put Piltover's finest to the test. She seems to take particular pleasure in frustrating Vi, whom she calls "Fat Hands", and, after destroying the Piltover treasury with Vi inside, to add insult to the literal injuries that Vi suffered, Jinx left a simple note: "You'll never catch me!"

As with any champion, Jinx has her inspirations in fiction and the real world; a punk girl aesthetic mixed with themes and elements of the Joker & Harley Quinn(Dark Knight graffiti, pale skin, make-up, laughter, petite femme fatale with a rocket launcher), Gollum (she talks to her rocket launcher, Fishbones), and Helen Bonham Carter (there is a certain Tim Burtonesque mania about her features).

As for her kit, they might as well have called her the "Glass Cannon" because she is all about dealing damage, kiting, disengaging, reengaging, and clean-up. Her passive "GET EXCITED!" gives her a massive but temporary speed boost every time she kills or assists in killing a foe or turret. This allows her to chase down and kill weak opponents, as well as flee in a pinch. Her Q "Switcheroo!" allows her to switch her autoattacks between a short-ranged but fast firing minigun, Pow-Pow, for dueling and a long-ranged rocket launcher, Fishbones, for AOE crit mayhem, giving her a lot of flexibility in fights. Her W "Zap!" is a long range skillshot that reveals the first opponent struck and slows them, which is great for escaping or chasing down foes. Her E "Flame Chompers!" fires three mines that, if stepped on by an opponent, blow up, and root them to allow her to catch or an escape other champs in a pinch or set up team fights. Her Ult "Super Mega Death Rocket!" is a global rocket she can fire that flies in a straight line, hitting the first enemy champ in it's path, and blowing up for massive AOE damage. This allows her to finish off opponents and, the best part, is the farther they travel, the more damage they do.

Jinx is a champ I'll definitely be picking up ASAP. After all, even a Neutral Good sap like me can get into a bit of spastic chaos every now and then. Plus, I can't say no to a super villainess who talks to her guns. DeadpoolxJinx OTP!


C'mon and join the mayhem.

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