Monday, October 7, 2013


First up, I'm glad to get a chance to talk about The Simpsons, considering it is a good gateway drug into the booming animated sitcom genre that Fox built in the 90s and Adult Swim propped up in the 00's & it's one of my favorite shows of all time. There certainly is a dip in quality, here and there, due to a variety of reasons like the idea that jamming as many flavor of the week celebrity guest stars and pop culture into the show as possible makes the show more relevant instead of making it seem dated after a few weeks.

Regardless (because Lisa taught a lot of us that "irregardless" isn't a word), it is still a classic series capable of producing gems like the couch gag for the latest Treehouse of Horror episode courtesy of horror film director Guillermo Del Toro. What's your favorite reference in the gag?

Also, JONTRON IS BACK! (If you didn't know). And with Jontron's return to the subscription feeds of many a youtuber and into the hearts of many a new fan with his wacky montage of reviewing Hercules themed games. With that, atpunk  decided to celebrate the occasion with a delightful new remix of Jontron shuffling about his New York apartment. Thanks atpunk. Thatpunk.

And let's finish up with the first video that Brad Neely, creator of China, IL and Wizard People, Dear Reader, has posted on his youtube channel in 4 years. His brand of animated chicanery in the style somewhere between comic strip and picture book has always tickled my fancy (it also helps by bribing me by having a main character be a history professor) & I think you'll find some awesome stuff that has held up remarkably well over the last half a decade. 

I'm excited by everything Queeblo represents as a twenty-something piece of the "American dream".

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