Saturday, October 15, 2011

Word of the Day! 10/15/11

Word of the Day

dandy [dan-dee]
1. a man who is excessively concerned with his appearance; a fop.
2. Informal. something or someone of exceptional or first-rate quality.
3. characteristic of a dandy; foppish.
4. Informal. fine, excellent; first-rate.

fundoshi [foon-doh-shi]
1. the traditional Japanese undergarment for adult males.

monocle [mahn-uh-kuhl]
1. an eyeglass for one eye.

cur [kur]
1. a mongrel dog, especially a worthless or unfriendly one.
2. a mean, cowardly person.

cad [kad]
1. an ill-bred man, especially one who is disrespectful toward women.

bounder [boun-der]
1. an obtrusive, ill-bred man.
2. a person or thing that bounds.

blackguard [blag-ahrd]
1. a low, contemptible person; a scoundrel.

rotter [rot-er]
1. a thoroughly bad, worthless or objectionable person.

lout [lout]
1. an awkward, stupid person;clumsy, ill-mannered boor; oaf

EX. The Panda dandy was more than off-put by the acts of the wild man, in not but a fundoshi, stole his most fancy of top hats and challenged him to a duel. The monocled Panda roared, "How dare you, sir! You cur! You cad! You bounder! You blackguard! You rotter! You lout!" 
He took a swing at the barbaric figure with his red boxing gloved fist, "You're not gentleman. Return my top hat at once!"

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