Sunday, October 9, 2011

MIXED BAG. Blog Shout Out #1

I love super heroes. Some hipster comic book guys think that super heroes are trite or that they should all be edgy/morally ambiguous but I love seeing some sweet comic book action. I was excited about the new 52 because it promised some new perspectives of our favorite heroes. Instead, we get a mixed bag, that I don't think took enough risks. 

Above is a link to Aaron Diaz's tumblr, Indistinguishable from Magic, and he had me at marble Wonder Woman. As someone who wants to create my own super heroes that both honor the idea that power doesn't always corrupt but embraces newer styles, ideas and concepts, I really appreciate the redesigns that Diaz has proposed. 

An example I really liked was his redesign of Starfire, which took a note from the Teen Titans cartoon, and gives her a cheerful look without making her look, well, like a space slut. Down with space sluts, up with a truly alien Superman.

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