Friday, October 14, 2011

Word of the Day! 10/14/11

multiverse theory [muhl-tee-vurs-theer-ee]
1. the concept that a hypothetical set of possible universes (including the historical universe that we inhabit) that together comprise every thing that has existed, exists or can exist:space, time matter, energy, etc.

retcon [reht-kahn]
1. the common situation in fiction where a new story reveals things about events in previous stories, usually leaving the facts the same but changing their interpretation.
1. the act of changing things in previous stories by ignoring certain facts that contradict the new chain of events established in the reconstructed continuity (abrev. retcon).

EX. In the DC Comics Universe, during the Infinite Crisis event, Superboy-Prime pounded on the barrier of reality that bonds the multiverse together, and his retcon punch sent ripples through out time and space that changed the past, present and future of multiple earths.

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