Friday, December 13, 2013


Ultima [ul-tuh-muh]
1. Video game. A series of open-world sci-fi fantasy role-playing games made by its creator Richard Garriott AKA Lord British (pictured above) & Origin Systems, Inc. Several of the games of the series are considered classics & exemplars of the genre.

EX. I'd heard of Ultima a long time ago. I think all long-time gamers are, at least, vaguely aware of the series. It was a seminal part of the history of PC gaming, with several games being heralded for their story-telling and Ultima Online (1997) being the first MMO to reach 100, 000 subscribers, but the game series has not had much exposure to the average gamer in the last decade.

Ultima's creator, Richard Garriott (also known for Tabula Rasa), is one of the most interesting characters in the gaming industry. Not only did he make a name for himself with his video game series, he is also a pioneer in space tourism. In fact, after funding a trip to space for himself in 2008, he became the second person, and first American, to be a second-generation space traveler because his father was an astronaut. Lately, Garriott has been working to get publicity for his newest game,and spiritual successor to Ultima, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues.

And, in a move that probably made Spoony's dreams come true, he sat down with Spoony for a very special interview and they made some promotional content together. Spoony has always been a big fan and critic of the Ultima Series; check out his incredible Ultima reviews on his website or Spoony VS. The Balrog, and, apparently, Garriot is a fan of the internet's Avatar.

The videos are most intriguing because of their discussions on story-telling in the games, but are even more special than that; can you imagine getting to meet one of your childhood heroes and him asking you for input on how to better do his job?

I can't. But Spoony got to live that dream and more. Check it out.

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