Monday, December 9, 2013


According to an ongoing conspiracy, that I am making up on the spot as I type this, Shigeru Miyamoto & Regis Fils-Aime are trying to tank the Nintendo Wii-U by wasting everyone's time with reveals like Cranky Kong being the fourth playable character in Donkey Country Returns: Tropical Freeze rather than revealing a next gen Zelda, Smash Bros. character, entirely new franchise or failing completely to educate the population to the fact that the Wii-U is, in fact, a next gen console and not a peripheral for the Wii.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my Wii-U and 3DS (when I can).

Also, brentalfloss is still the man.

Many are calling it Disney's CG equivalent to Beauty & The Beast (1991), but I like what Rob Walker, of  fame and brother of Doug "Nostalgia Critic" Walker, had to say better: this isn't Beauty & The Beast. This is The Little Mermaid (1989).

The Little Mermaid was the first film in era known as the "Disney Renaissance". If Frozen gets the support it deserves, it could lead to a new Golden Age of Disney animated films and, eventually, we'll get a new masterpiece on par with Beauty & The Beast.

So, if you want to see that happen, go see Frozen in theaters today. I know I will.

Oh, videogamedunkey & Huey Lewis's The Power of Love & Guns'n'Roses's Knockin' on Heaven's Door all wrapped up into a voidling spew coated video that will leave you questioning all of your calculations, statistics, and graphs for days to come?

You had me at "Man, mah d*** hurts".

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