Thursday, December 12, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 12/12/13!

doge [dohzh]
1. Engrish/Internet.  A slang term for "dog", generally associated with Shiba Inus (or "shibes") and internal monologue captions found on sites like Tumblr or Reddit. An associated meme involves taking pictures of shibes, especially of the one pictured directly below, and photoshopping them onto other images & labeling them with Engrish inter monologue in comic sans for comedic effect.

The meme's origins are considered to be either/or from homestarrunner or an audio file parodying old text RPG games. By now, the meme has spread to all four corners of the internet and has become a mainstream meme (or about as mainstream as a meme can become without becoming viral or showing up on TV).

EX. Above is a picture of my dog of ten years, Ruby. Below is the laziest doge meme ever. I made it in MS Paint. Good luck, good night. Good doge, Rube. Good doge.

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