Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 12/10/13!

happy thought [hap-pee-thawt]
1. Literature/theatre/film. Originally called "lovely wonderful thoughts" in the play Peter Pan, Or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up (1904) or the novel Peter and Wendy (1911), both by J.M. Barrie, they became a mechanic in the Peter Pan universe that, when combined with faerie dust, allow someone to fly (see here and here). In actuality, in the novel it points out the happy thoughts are simply a silly diversion and the power of flight is merely from the faerie dust.
2. The idea or concept that someone holds onto to get them through difficult situations or times in their lives.

EX. The most recent happy thought I discovered on the internet was the .gif and song posted directly above which, for some reason, I immediately linked to my favorite theme from my favorite portable Mario game, Super Mario 3D Land.

My most favorite of happy thoughts that I use to get through any difficult situation, from a bout of illness to a particularly obnoxious day at work/school to much darker and desperate moments, is the thought of having fun with my friends and family again. An example of such a moment, and some of those people, is pictured above is our yearly tradition of executing the zombified pumpkins left over from Halloween (photo of courtesy of Corey Blouin). In the photo, from left to right, is my father AKA imple, Chris AKA Stinger, Justin AKA Jas, myself AKA implejr dressed in laboratory goggles (for eye protection), a scarf, a light red jacket for my job, shorts, long socks, and green Crocs (I have no shame), and Zach AKA Zach.

And, while we're on the subject of happy thoughts here, I should recommend my favorite film by Steven Spielberg, favorite iteration of Peter Pan, and most likely the origin source of dark humor and whimsy that I try to inject into all of my Dungeons & Dragons adventures, the fairly divisive Hook (1991). Let's keep it brief:

I love this film. If you haven't seen Hook or it's been a while, give it a try on one of these chilly afternoons. Hook is one of my inspirations and one of my happy thoughts. (5/5).

Have a lovely Tuesday.

P.S. I'll do a real review explaining why I love Hook and why I think it deserves a place in any library of family films, but the time for that is not now. Not yet. Maybe... some day.


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