Wednesday, December 11, 2013


With the Pokémon Origins anime finally hitting the web with an official English dub, check it out here, it makes sense we'd get a parody dub around the same time (and yes I'm aware I'm late in sharing both, but late is better than never, right?!).

Anwho, enjoy this hilarious dubbing from octopimp, the maker of the 50% parody of the swimming anime FREE, and remember that it's a bad idea to put a senile old man in charge of children and a rather extensive Pokébiology research program.

This seems like a parody hatched up in the half-assed laboratories of a sketch comedy show but, instead, it is a rather aptly executed satire of The Hobbit film and the recent classic teen comedy, Mean Girls.

Do you remember when Lindsey Lohan wasn't a weak punchline or depressing headline?

Jaltoid's animations usually rustle more than a few jimmies in the comment sections of youtube and, given that video game fans, especially MMO fans, are incredibly sensitive to such innocent musings as the one found in the video, this one certainly irked a few commenter. But, in my opinion, the commentary is funny and valid with its examination of the weaknesses of the often shallow and misogynistic "Free 2 Play" MMOs that you find lame ads for all over the internet shipped by the ample bosom of some elf harlot.

What do you think of those sorts of games?

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