Friday, September 13, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 9/13/13!

OP [oh-pee]
1. Slang/jargon. Over-powered.

EX. Teamwork is definitely OP in League of Legends. It took us a few months to form our 5 V 5 Ranked Team. To play 5 V 5 Ranked, you need 5 players of Level 30. Nick and Steven are the most veteran players, Chris hit level 30 shortly after I started playing in March, I hit level 30 in May, Clay started playing in June and hit level 30 this week. Five friends getting to Level 30 is only the first challenge in making a ranked team.

The other challenge of making a 5 v 5 team is figuring out who plays what roles; Nick is the MVP of the team and could probably take any role, but rocks the jungle hard with Nocturne, Rengar, & Shyvana, Steven's favorite role is the often under-appreciated support (Nami, Soraka, & Thresh) because of his experience of filling the roles left over by other players (he's a cool guy like that), Clay pretty much took to Top Lane and has excelled in that role, though occasionally experimenting in Jungle or Mid, and usually plays Shyvana or Volibear, Chris is best at solo lanes, so it only makes sense that he would take the role of mid with champs like Annie & Malzahar, , and I, after a lot of struggle, bounced around between all the roles, tending to play fill like Steven, and have found my role in bot lane, with the role of ADC with champs like Caitlyn & Quinn.

We've only just begun our quest to climb the Ranked ladder and, while there will be lots of hardships along the way, I believe we'll persevere.

To all the Summoners out there, GLHF.


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    1. The hardest part was finding a picture of Chris to use that wasn't three years old or of him squinting or of him surrounded by his frat.