Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/20/13!

portmanteau [port-man-toh]
1. A combination of two or more words, and/or their definitions, into one word.

EX. The Japanese are known for their use of Portmanteaus. Most Pokémon's names are portmanteau's, ex. Bulbasaur is a combination of "bulb", like the bulb of a plant, and "saur" meaning "lizard" in Latin, and, as a matter of fact, "Pokémon" is a well-known portmanteau of the words "Pocket" and "Monster" used, rather than the original name of the franchise because of copyright issues.

Pokkén [Poh-ken]
1. Theory. Recently, at the Pokémon Game Show in Japan, they unveiled a nifty little promo video about the history of the franchise starring Pikachu. At the end of said video, linked above, there is a static-filled shot of an HD Lucario standing abreast of a Blaziken in a street. Many game journalists have theorized what this could mean; could it be a new Stadium title, a new adventure game, or a new fighting game? With the release of information that Nintendo has copyrighted the terms "Pokkén Fighters" and " Pokkén Tournament" there can really only be one conclusion: there is going to be a Pokémon fighting game released on the Wii-U, and possible 3DS, in the style of Street Fighter or the similarly named Tekken. "Ken" or "兼" literally means "fist", so it can be assumed that Pokkén is a portmanteau of "Pokémon" and "Fist" or "Pokémon" and "Tekken" to represent the fact that this new game is going to be a Pokémon fighting game.

I'll keep you updated as news comes out about this barely rumored title.

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