Wednesday, August 21, 2013


If Pikmin were just like 5% more like this video than the rather fun, creative, but sometimes boring puzzle RTS game... it would be the best selling Nintendo franchise since Pokémon instead of something that takes two generations to make a sequel on a console that nobody but the hardcorest of Nintendo fans have bothered to purchase at this point.

Like a chubby red unicorn, I've been chasing around this illusive sneak peak for a couple months, but it has always slipped into the rainbows the moment I find a good link. This time, I managed to tackle it to the ground and ride it right onto this blog article, for you to to view and asses, but I warn you that the brutes in suits at Warner Bros. will take it down again so scurry along and view it before it disappears in a cloud of pixie dust again.

If I learned anything from playing Animal Crossing, it's that the moment you take a loan from an overweight tanuki in an apron you'll be forever indebted and trapped in your subpar existence and have to live amongst a bunch of fickle forest creatures that speak a garbled language and have to repeat their own catchphrase, at the end of every sentence, like an OCD ridden furniture mailing furred or feather maniac. Chim Chim Cheroo.

Speaking of raccoon like creatures, check out this amazing image from a preview of Disney/Marvel's next big project, Guardians of the Galaxy showing Rocket Raccoon weilding an automatic weapon... look at it. LOOK AT IT!

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