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I don't dislike Corsola. It's the sort of Pokémon design that you appreciate the more you examine it and try to think about it. But, still, there is some things to be said about it, for better or worse, and examining it has lead me to a theory about how many uninspired Pokémon designs make it through the design process to actually being an in-game creature.

In it's defense, a coral Pokémon is a cool idea. It's an animal that is very alien and fits water/rock typing well. Furthermore, Corsola has a consistent design that you can imagine them in piles and piles at the bottom of the ocean. The biggest problem I found in their Pokédex entry, besides a little entry about pollution and their being so vulnerable to it that they crumble (even though, as water/rock types, they are resistant to poison type), is the idea that smaller water Pokémon hide amongst Corsola for protection.... Corsola are only 2'0'' and there are only about ten water Pokémon that could conceivably be found in the ocean that are smaller than Corsola and, if we're considering when Corsola was introduced in Gen II, there are even less smaller Pokémon. Sometimes I think the people who write Pokédex entries are the worst. But, in Corsola's defense, it's a thematically cool idea and it's a cute Pokémon. On the other hand...

Corsola is an example of the monotony that has crept into Pokémon design with a horrible sin I will call "Pink Amorphous Blob" syndrome. It all began with Clefairy and has continued, through about twenty Pokémon, right up to awful fish monster Alomomola and has no sign of stopping. While some are endearing, others remind you of the horrible abomination that is Ditto, and are just lazy designs where the start with a shape, throw pink on it, and then slap a bland face on it. Ugh. Give me a break. Can't we get some Pokémon like Rayquaza?

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