Monday, August 19, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/19/13!

1. The historical accuracy or authenticity of of a work, document, film, etc.

EX. Lemme throw a little piece of historicity your way, and I'll try use one that won't offend anyone since I can think of a few examples of historical corrections of works that upset people I've discussed them with....; Napoleon was  actually 5'7'', which was above average height for the period in which he lived, Catherine the Great didn't die making love to a horse (nor did she probably ever make love to a horse) but instead died, much like Elvis, on the toilet, and John Smith never had any sort of romantic relationship with the young Pocahontas and only mentions her as being a witness of a ceremony he took part in that he believed to be them preparing him for execution but was more likely an adoption ceremony that made him the adopted son of Powhatan.

Disney movies lack historicity. That's probably a good thing.

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