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So, I've talked about Mega-Evolutions, which seem to open up even more possibilities for Pokémon from earlier generations getting a leg-up in battle but, for the subject of today's Pokémon of the Week article, I want to see pre-evolutions and demands evolutions for these two beetle Pokémon, that represent the strongest inspiration for the franchise, Pinsir and Heracross.

Pinsir can't catch a break. You would think he was Scyther's rival based on him being the only other single evolution Bug Pokémon in the original release of the 1st Generation but he was apparently not cool enough (Electrabuzz was instead chosen to be Scyther's rival in the anime) and, as if a further insult, Scyther got an awesome evolution and, on the eve of the sixth generation's release this year, Pinsir still doesn't have an evolution. He is a competitively mediocre Pokémon and, from what I can gather, has some fans and deserves better

Personally, I find Pinsir's design to be rather creepy with gaping mouth full of fangs, pincer horns, claws, and cruel expression. Honestly, the fact that he is a creepy bug, with most Pokémon being more on the cute side, is his biggest advantage and could lead to a really cool evolution. Probably, Steel/Bug? That's my suggestion, but really, I suppose, anything is possible.

Heracross is one of my very favorite Pokémon for several reasons: Firstly, his simple blue beetle design with those two bright yellow eyes, permanent smile, and focus on the uniquely shaped horn/antennaes of his design. Then, there is his awesome typing, Bug/Fighting, and spectacularly well-themed and diverse move pool that makes him a powerhouse in the competitive arena (even for a bug). Finally, his personality, in the anime, of a sap-sucking hero is just very loveable.

I like Heracross so much that, if I had to pick six Pokémon for my irl team, he'd be my physical sweeper.
I don't think I'm the only one out there with Heracross in their favorites and I think an evolution or Mega-Evolution that pushes him over the top would be a fantastic addition to the competitive arena and flavor of the Pokéworld. It would also be an excuse for Ash's Heracross to return in the anime and probably do some badass heroics.

Finally, they both deserve evolutions as rivals and representatives of the original inspiration behind the whole franchise... bug-collecting and fighting. In Japan, kids go out with bug nets and collect beetles and other insects every summer. Large beetles are especially prized for the use in "fighting" between the critters.

Also, because you guys might enjoy it, here is a classic episode of the anime featuring both beetles, POKÉMON EP. 121: A SAPPY ENDING.

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