Monday, August 12, 2013


Mega evolutions? MEGA evolutions...? MEGA EVOLUTION?!? What is- what am I- what even- what do you even do?!

There hasn't been a big shake-up in the Pokémon scene in a while, but Pokémon X & Y are taking big risks with inclusions like: horde mode, a new Pokémon type, since Fairy is the first new type since they added Steel and Dark in Gen II, a more proactive inclusion of EV training  in the game, and a simultaneous world-wide release of both games in all regions. But today's news isn't just big... IT'S MEGA!

That's just MegaMewtwo fighting MegaLucario. Nothing badass to be seen here or in the trailers linked at the top of the article.

So here is the skinny; certain Pokémon, including Kangaskhan, Mewtwo, Ampharos, Blaziken (pictured above in it's Mega Evolution form), Mawile, Absol, Lucario and, hopefully, if there is an Arceus, many more to come. They achieve their forms by holding a special hold-item and transform during battle, changing their stats, types, abilities, etc. This is a welcome addition to the games as it is one of the biggest change-ups in years.

Let's see what I think... (we're gonna skip the new Mewtwo form since I talked about it here and here).

So, we've got the least news about this and it is probably the most disappointing; we've wanted a pre or post evolution for Kangaskhan for years and the result is slightly uninteresting. We've got the baby out of the pouch to fight with a special ability that lets them get extra hits in. We can hope it'll be fighting or normal/fighting, but we'll have to see. Let's move onto the cooler stuff.

I've kind of already talked about Mega Ampharos HERE, but I still got some stuff to say. Ampharos is one of my second generation favorites and always felt underwhelming due to it's slow speed. Perhaps, with the boost of becoming an Electric/Dragon and getting a nifty ability of Moldbreaker (maybe some new moves), and some more impressive stats might allow this fella to break into the competitive arena with his glorious locks of hair. A man can dream.

This is the most perplexing of the Mega Evolutions; Blaziken is already a borderline or uber tier Pokémon, depending on who you ask, and the fact they'd show one starter final form with a Mega Evolutionm, and not any others, is confusing. On the other hand, Blaziken has always received special treatment, with Torchic being the only starter allowed in the Pokémon PAL park and it seems to be getting Blaziken's canceled/banned Dreamworld ability Speedboost. The biggest redeemer for this is that there will be a Torchic giveaway, this Fall, with it holding the item needed to Mega Evolve.

Mawile is getting a Steel/Fairy retyping and a boost to it's special defense and defense. It also has the ability Huge Power. Considering that Mawile is another neglected Pokémon that people have been asking to see get an evolution or boost, this is certainly a welcome addition to the meta, and I can't wait to see it lay Dragons and the like to waste.

Weirdly enough, not a lot of people seem to be going crazy over Mega Absol. It remains a dark type (you would think it would be Dark/Flying or Dark/Fairy), gets the ability Magic Bounce, and a boost to its attack stats.

Mega Lucario is mega awesome. Steel/fighting, of course, with the ability Adaptability and an increased attack, this badass dreadlocks, poofy tail, brawler is going to rocket to the top of popular Pokémon. People like Lucario. Enough for him to be featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And now that he is gonna be even more badass....expect more popularity. Clearly, he is going to make an excellent addition to any competitive team.

Mostly overlooked, they also revealed three new Pocket Monsters; Skiddo, the preevolution of Gogoat (Grass type, naturally), Dedenne (an Electric/Fairy hamster), and finally, the incredibly boring but possibly meant to evolve into something cooler, Bunnelby (Normal type).

And that's all folks... Check out some other nifty stuff: NERDCULTURE SMACKDOWN! POKÉMON X & Y UPDATE! #1

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