Saturday, August 10, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/10/13!

mega [meh-guh]
1. Slang. Extremely good, super, or awesome.

EX. As a preview to an upcoming update on Pokémon X & Y, let's talk about the most controversial of the new Mega Evolutions (yes, there is a thing called Mega Evolutions, that I will explain during an article later this week). I chose Mega Ampharos because Ampharos is one of my favorite Pokémon that I've always felt got gypped.

So, by holding a special Mega stone, Ampharos is supposed to Mega-Evolve into Mega-Ampharos who has the most amazing hairdo of any Pokémon ever. Oh and he is Electric/Dragon type and has the ability Moldbreaker. But, the rumors at the moment seem to point to Mega-Evolutions only lasting during battles...which is said. Still, unlike many people who don't like this hair rock god, I like him.

And the froo-froo sillyness helps too, I guess.

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